This blog is fiction! All characters and events are purely created through my comic genius! I will stick to that unless asked in my Playboy Pictorial or on Oprah’s couch. Until then, please, feel free to decode my blog like a Taylor Swift lyric book!

I am currently going through a lot of huge changes in my life. I have been working with a spiritual healer who, along with several friends, have advised me to SIT STILL and not begin any new projects right now! I hope a blog doesn’t count!

I would like to dedicate this blog to Mackie, who texted me yesterday the idea to blog after I was complaining about my head spinning. He then immediately texted me,


Here’s to YOU Mackie! Bwahahaha

Also I would like to make a dedication to Red for suggesting this site and again laughing along with another one of my horrible ideas!

Here’s to hoping I don’t get a prison or psychiatric sentence after this! (My grandfather, to the notion of me writing, also stated that I was “Working on losing custody of my children”. Thanks Gramps again, for your continued support!) Also that I don’t turn this into a “Fifty Shades Of Grey” novel though I must admit that I haven’t read it.