Better Late Than Never

I almost forgot to tell you! Guess who finally made me cum for the first time ever?

That’s right!


You see last night I was sleeping soundly my bed when I had a dream!

In my dream I was at an outdoor “Coach” sale that just so happened to take place in Brutus’ back yard! While I was browsing the beautiful bags I noticed a slight moaning sound. The noise got louder so I followed it. It led me into Brutus’ bedroom. Once inside I discovered Brutus on his bed, on his knees fucking a fat brunette in her actual vagina. She had he legs on his shoulders. So, I did what any low self-esteem slut would do in a dream, I took my clothes off and approached the bed. Brutus pushed the lard ass off the bed and laid me down instead. His hand was just reaching out for my lady lump and then….

It happened!

I soaked my sheets in a moment of pleasure! I’m even wet just writing this.

Good job Brutus! High five. Now, just like the other 390 men I’ve slept with, you too have given me sexual gratification.

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