A dream is a wish your rotting heart makes…

The first time I re-slept with Donut was roughly six months ago. We were both intoxicated and extremely giddy. He had been teasing me all day with his rock hard cock and I was making him that way with my flirting.

He grabbed my hand and led me to his room. He put his hands on my face and pulled me to him. He slipped his tongue in my mouth while grabbing my ass and pressing me against IT. His cock was bigger than I remembered and it curved just in the right spot.

I wish I could give you more details of this moment but I can not. These memories are sacred to me because I LOVE HIM!

That and plus I was pretty drunk.

See it all started a few weeks prior. Donut had emailed me to tell me he had left his on-again-off-again girlfriend (of the last few years) for good.

He had recently relocated back to the shitty apartment complex he lived in six years ago when we had dated the first time. He told me that he wanted to take me out, somewhere nice, but that I would have to wait until he moved because he couldn’t afford it. He told me he was saving up to get an apartment that happened to be a couple blocks from where I was living.

Strange, right?

Anyway I told Donut that I didn’t care if he took me somewhere nice. I just wanted to see him. I really did want to see him. I was curious to see how the years treated him, I was older and more confident now. I was sure I could handle him, plus a little part of me wanted to make him suffer for the years of torment he put me through. I was going to make him fall in love with me and then I was going to break his heart.

The evening of our first date came around. Donut and I had been texting consistantly all week. Donut was picking me up and taking me to dinner. After, we were going bowling.

I told Donut from the get-go that this was “friends only” and not to try any funny stuff.

Donut was supposed to pick me up at 7pm that Thursday night. It was now 7:30pm and I hadn’t heard from Donut for a few hours. I had spent a good hour before this primping and was now, unsuccessfully, getting my kids to sleep. I was starting to think Donut might be flaking on me.


Around 8pm, just as my kids were almost asleep and I was about to give up, I received a text message from Donut. He said had fallen asleep. He apologized. He was hopping in the shower and would be on his way shortly.

This was my first sign of what was to come. But I didn’t care. This was revenge after all and I just needed a night out. I wasn’t sleeping with him, I wasn’t even getting involved with him emotionally. It was a free dinner.

Fuck it.

Donut eventually pulled up to my house and drove me to the Mexican restaurant. We got out of the car and that’s when I saw him in the light for the first time.

He was still short but he was wearing a hat that flattered his face perfectly. He was starting to get fine lines on his face that were making him look almost distinguished. Those teeth, I always think about his beautiful teeth when he smiles. He was dressed sexy, he always had his own style and was clean….He smelled good.


That was it! This bitch was in heat. Mentally, I was putting my paws up, sticking my tongue out and panting. I wanted to walk circles around him and stick my ass in his face like a dog.

But I held my composure.

We went to the bar. Ordered a drink. Shared some food. Caught up. Ahhhhhh. I can’t even tell you how mushy I felt inside just being next to him. I was remembering all those feelings I had over the years of longing for this very moment.

After dinner we headed to the bowling ally. Donut blared his music in the car, just like I remembered, while dancing along. He still had the same great taste in music.

I felt like an ant in a donut shop!

Once we arrived to the bowling ally we both got out of the car and walked inside.

That’s when it happened.

Donut couldn’t pay.

You see, that afternoon, after work, Donut went out for sushi. He bought himself lunch and several rounds of drinks before going home and passing out. He had spent most of his money.

I paid.

We got a couple pitchers of beer, grabbed our shoes and went to our lane.

It gets worse.

The more Donut drank, the bigger an ass he became. Donut noticed the girl in the lane next to us. He started stairing at her relentlessly. She was not a prize. She was short, anoexically skinny, black hair and bad skin. She had on a short skirt revealing too much of her pale, twig legs and a nose that stretched to fucking Texas. Donut started saying things like,

“I might as well look at her because you aren’t gonna’ put out. I mean you are way hotter but it’s not like I have a chance.”

“You think that guy she is with will want to trade dates?”

This is where if I had any self-esteem at all I would have walked out. But alas, I was a stupid slut in love. I found this charming. I played along.

“So, when did you start going bald?”
I asked.

“Have you always been this short or are you shrinking with you old age?”

Donut loved this.

I kicked his ass at bowling, we finished our pitchers and went to a dive bar. There we drank on my tab and Donut kicked my ass at pool.

Then he drove me home.

That was it. That worm had re-hooked this fish.

We made plans for the following Saturday. Saturday came. I made the grueling four hour (round trip) drive to drop my daughter with her dad. I drove the two hours back and sent Donut a text when I was close.

He responded, saying he was at the bar with the guys, finishing his last beer then he would be on his way.

This happened to be my ONE free Saturday a month and I couldn’t think of anything in the world better than spending it with my charming, hunk of bisexual love.

Donut was planning to BBQ for me.

Thats right!

Donut was COOKING ME DINNER! Ahhhh!
❤ ❤ ❤
Teeeheee! I'm giddy!

So, I did what any love struck, self hating, cheap slut would do.

I stopped at the store and bought a case of beer, a case of water and some chocolate for dessert. I love chocolate.

Then, I stopped at a public restroom to release my bowels and “hooker shower” in preparation. A girl never wants to poop at a mans house before marriage, thats dating rule number one! Or at least it should be.

After I my intestines were emptied and I was body odor free, I excitedly headed to my rotting, dream shack. I arrived a half an hour after my text.

I parked on the side street by Donut’s run down abode and called to tell him I had arrived. Donut didn’t answer.

I walked up to his stoop and looked in the driveway. No car. I knocked on his termite ridden door, no answer.


I sent Donut a text,

“Donut, I’m at your house. I will wait five minutes for you, then I’m leaving.”

Ten minutes later my phone rings, it's Donut,

"Why are you leaving?" He drunkenly whines. "I'm just finishing up this beer and I'll be on my way."

"You said that a half an hour ago. I'm hanging up my phone now and I'm setting my alarm. You get ten minutes, then I'm leaving!" I warned.

Now, this is where I REALLY should have hauled my beautiful, little, blonde self out of there and to ANY public place alone. I would have found a better man in that ten minutes, tops! But I didn't.


I sat there for a half an hour.

When donut finally did show up he was tossed. His car swerved up the road nearly missing me. With his radio blaring, he pulled up next to me,

"Get in." he ordered, without opening the door or helping me with the groceries.

I did.

But not until I made him get out and carry the groceries.

Thats right! I put that bitch in check.

He drove me up to his apartment. We got inside and then he opened me a beer. He apologized for being late and started a "funny because it's really fucked up", awkward, wasted conversation with me.

Ahhhhhhhh, I was home!

Seven hours, a food fight and a case of beer later Donut made love to me!

Ok, he probably got me on all fours and destroyed my anus but like I said, it's a little fuzzy.

I just remember after.

The minute he expelled his load and put his arm around me…

I ran.


I grabbed my clothes, my heels and my bag and I marathon sprinted all the way back to the car.

Donut came running after me!

"Where are you going? Can I walk you out?"

"No!" I shouted. "I gotta go!"

"well are you still going to the show with me next week at least." he desperately asked.

I shouted back, "No! Well, ya, maybe, I don't know."

Eat your fucking heart out Cinderella! There he was, my cream filled, sugar sprinkled, hot dough of a prince!

And he was HOOKED!

For three months anyway. But thats another story.

I just checked my phone, No texts from Donut. And I checked my Facebook. Still blocked.



  1. Three things: a set of self help encyclopedia’s, the TV show Dexter and Buddhist self immolation. I left the image of the Titanic alone.


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