Donut’s Are A Girls Best Friend

The second to last time I saw Donut was roughly four months ago. We had been arguing a lot via text messaging. I was pushing for more of a commitment from Donut and he was pushing for less. I told him that seeing him once a week wasn’t working for me. I told him I wanted to see him twice a week and we needed to include our kids. There was no way in hell Donut was budging on the kids issue.

Donut sent me a text,

“You are the funest girl ever and a goddess but I just can’t do it. Besides, once a week keeps you perfect!”

What did this mean?

As had become our usual routine, we compromised. Still once a week but with sleep overs, occasional dinners and he was to treat me like I was his girlfriend. But NO kids.

The following thursday night, in the skankiest little dress I could dig out of my closet and the red, slutty stilettos I bought specifically to wear for him, I made my fifteen minute drive to Donuts love shack.


Tonight was a special night. Donut had purchased bridal lingerie for me to wear and all week had been calling me by my new, sex name, “Mrs. Donut”. He even requested I wear my old wedding and engagement rings.

I remember walking alone into his room. He had the outfit waiting on the bed for me. Excitedly, I slipped on the corset top and laced it up. I pulled on a white grader belt and attached a pair of white thigh highs. I peeked out the bedroom door and into the living room to see Donut on his couch, he gave me a look of anticipation.

Donut wanted me, BAD!

Fuck! He looked so hot sitting there looking like a rapist.

“Should I wear my hair up or down?” I shouted.

“Up!” he responded.

I slipped my hair into a pony tail and then secured the vail.

Donut watched me like a hawk watches a mouse as I left his bedroom and approached his lap. I straddled him for a second, kissed his neck and breathed hotly into his ear.

Then I got up, and headed confidently towards his front door. I slipped on my heels and almost fell, we both laughed.

Practically naked, I stepped outside. I sat on his porch, teasing him while smoking a cigarette. Half way through he had had enough. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to his bedroom.

That night Donut unleashed upon me some of the most unconventional, filthy sex I’ve ever had. Actually, that’s a lie. He unleashed upon me that night: THE FILTHIEST, MOST UNCONVENTIONAL SEX I HAD EVER HAD and probably will ever have.

I’d love to give you more details, but like I said before, I LOVE HIM! These experiences are precious to me. They are mine!

Oh, my sweet pastry….

A while later, after Donut had stopped talking to me, I went crying and distraught to a mutual friend for advice. She told me that when Donut had found out I had married Beans, those few years ago, he had been devastated.

I guess the bridal fantasy had been his payback because he only saw me once after that.

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