Unhappy Ending

The last night I saw Donut was not a Thursday, but a Sunday night in late July.

We had planned an overnight.

Donut was supposed to take me to dinner, as negotiated. I let him off the hook because I knew he was short on cash. He had just bought a new Kia and was a weekend away from moving into an apartment that happened to be a few blocks from where I live.

Plus, I didn’t really give a shit about dinner. The negotiations were just our little game we played for control.

As usual, I had on a slut dress and six inch heels hidden under a big coat. I had given Donut a preview of this particular dress through one of the many dressing room photos I would send him.


Donut sent me a text when he was off work. I headed out. I stopped at the grocery store for some beer and hummus. I picked up Donuts favorite cheese spread too.

When I was down the street I got a text from Donut asking me to pick up cigarettes.

I happily did.

I love doing favors for Donut!

Donut and I were still playing the manipulation, back and forth game.

I really wanted to stay the night but I had to pretend that I didn’t care.

I sent Donut a text:

Me: Is there a street sweeper on your block Monday mornings?

Donut: I’m not sure.

Me: Well, I dont want to have to get up super early and move my car. I better not stay over.

Then the most amazing thing ever happened. Donut was a gentleman.
I’m not being sarcastic this time!

My little, cream filled, muffin of love did something really romantic!

Donut said:

I’ll park in the street. You can have my spot.

Can you believe it?!

Donut wanted me to stay!

I arrived with the goodies.

Something else amazing happened.

Donut gave me money for them.

We laughed, we played and we had some of the most unforgettable sex I’ve ever had.

I’m sorry I can’t share 😉

But you know the drill by now….blah blah blah…LOVE HIM….blah blah DRUNK.

(If you want raunchy, go read about my rebound guy.)

I slept in his arms.

When I woke up, Donut was still asleep. I debated waking him but instead decided to play a move. I silently packed my things and tip toed to his rotting, front door.

I was just making my exit when it happened.

Donut spotted me.

He walked in with his handsome, greasy hair disheveled and a huge erection peeking through his sexy boxers.

“You weren’t leaving were you?” He asked.

I shrugged and I blushed, “I couldnt wake you up.” I lied.

Donut grabbed my hand and led me to his bed. He made sweet love to me that morning.

When it was over, he cuddled with me and he kissed me goodbye.

I didn’t know it yet but that was Donuts permanent goodbye.

Donut planned on leaving me when he left his apartment.

A new start.

Donut moved the following weekend to that apartment down the street from me. I offered him help moving.

He declined.

Then, he canceled plans with me the following weekend.

So, I did what any obsessed whore would do when facing rough waters with her Dream Puff.

I bought myself flowers, took a picture and posted it on facebook.

I made all my friends leave comments under the post.

Then, I went to a bar and made out with a stranger. I told Donut about it to make him jealous.

Donut didn’t care.

In fact, Donut wished me luck.

Donut continued to flirt with me. Then, one night, he ignored me for 12 hours. The next day he made up some bullshit excuse about leaving his phone at home.

I never made mention of his facebook check in’s. However, he caught himself and tried to cover his tracks with an excuse.

I never did acknowledge any of it. Instead, I decided I would ignore Donut’s texts for a few weeks to teach him a lesson.

I was going to make him suffer!

Donut would miss the shit out of me and I would take the lead again.

My plan backfired.

Donut only texted me for two days.

Three texts total.

When I finally gave in, Donut told me he had met someone else.

I was devastated.

First I got angry. I told Donut off over fifty or so texts.

Donut ignored me.

Then, I was sad. I confessed my undying love to Donut through another fifty texts.

Donut still ignored me.

Finally, after he couldnt take his phone being blown up anymore, Donut sent me a text.

It read:

“*****, I dont want to be with you or date you anymore. I’m seeing someone else and I’m not going to blow it. Thats it.”

A couple months later I told Donut I was ready to be friends and thats when he blocked me on facebook.

Tonight I am finally letting Donut go.

I think I am ready because I drove by his house today on my way home from work. Only, I didn’t even realize it until a few blocks later.

I wish they had a book: “The easy way to quit Donut.”

I guess they do.

I’m writing it.

Bye bye Kia’s. I won’t miss you.

The Donut references:

1. Blood Tears and Donuts

2. Ding Dong Ditch Em’

3. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

4. Donuts Are A Girls Best Friend

5. Donut’s Sequined Slut

6. Skewer Through The Heart

7. Unhappy Ending ❤

*Donut Chode


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