I was 16 when I moved back into my family’s home. I spent two years living away, first on the streets. Then, in a meth house with my ex boyfriend, Sandman. A traumatic accident, that almost killed me, had landed me in the hospital for a few weeks. Although that’s another story, there was one positive from the accident, it was a ticket home.

    I wanted on with my life. I needed to finish my education. I planned on having a bright future.

    So, I registered for school.

    Because I was too far behind to be placed in what would have been my Jr year of high school, I was sent to continuing education instead.

    You know, loser school.

    This school was designed to ensure graduation. The lessons were simple. I pulled straight A’s and was bored out of my mind.

    Then, one day, something amazing happened.

    I was sitting in my math class when the door opened. In walked A tall, long-haired, hottie.

    His name was Redbeard.

    Shiver me timbers!

    He took a seat in front of me.

    He looked back and he smiled!

    My heart had walked the plank.

    I smiled back.

    This corsair would be mine.

    Redbeard was anything but shy. Right away he decided that he did not like our math teacher. He let the entire class know by loudly making fun of him on a daily basis. The teacher feelings were quickly mutual. Our teacher found Redbeard to be loud, disruptive and assumed him to be a little dense.

    Well, that is until he took Redbeard’s, reading material away. Redbeard liked to read for entertainment. The math teacher confiscated the book, probably assuming it was porn or comics. Then, when he discovered it was a book on Nostradamus, returned it. He had a new outlook on Redbeard after that.

    After few days of playing together at recess, if by playing together I mean making out and smoking cigarettes by the flagpole, I asked Redbeard on a date.

    That’s right!

    Even at 16, I was a direct, man-eating slut.

    Redbeard happily accepted.

    Our first date, Del Taco, after school.

    We ate our tacos and laughed. We had serious Chemistry.

    Redbeard invited me back to his apartment.

    We hopped on the city bus and held hands the whole way there. Once we arrived, Redbeard led me inside and to his room. We joked, I giggled. Then, Redbeard kissed me.

    I had sea legs!

    That guy could make my whole body tremble and shiver with one touch.

    He had his hand on the back of my neck and lightly ran his nails through my hair while pulling my face to his.

    Redbeard had me ready for action in no time. This was something I had never felt before. I hadn’t had much practice with my body. Everything was still new to me. I didn’t know what I was feeling, but I liked it!

    Redbeard slipped his hand into my panties and started playing with my Squishy Missy.

    I liked this very much.

    I reached in-between his boxers and his pants and through his boxers, kind of, touched it.

    I was still shy, awkward and not really sure what I was doing.

    I was scared of weenies!

    Also, I had a bush.

    After, when his hand was covered in my vaginal juices, he decided it was time. He pulled off my panties, rolled on top of me and put his fire in my hole.

    I was having sensations I had never had before. I was experiencing sexual pleasure!

    Yes, I had heard this was possible for a woman, but I didn’t know how pleasurable it could be!

    Holy hell!

    I was having an orgasm!

    I don’t mean five seconds of pubic bliss, either! I mean it was consistent. From the second Redbeard entered me, to the second he was done,



    Redbeard showed me the mother lode.

    Quite possibly, the best sex I have ever had, to this day.

    Redbeard and I were inseparable after that. For a few weeks, anyway.

    He continued to swab my deck. Also, we started incorporating other things into our sexual escapades. One of them being razor blades. Redbeard and I would take turns cutting each other.

    I was in LOVE!

    However, I was only the second girl Redbeard had ever been with. As a matter of fact, he left the girl who had taken his virginity for me.

    So, I did what any young tramp would do, when, in the beginnings of her blossoming relationship, with her fantasy man.

    I decided to test Redbeard’s love for me.

    That’s right!

    I was going to make him tell me he loved me and I wanted him to chase me.

    One evening, after Redbeard had careened my ship, I told him we should take a break.

    “I know I’m only the second girl you have been with.” I told Redbeard. “You are unexperienced. Maybe we should take a break for a while so you can explore a little bit. You know, just to make sure we are right together. I don’t want you to feel like you are missing out on anything.”

    I gave Redbeard a concerned look. Then I waited for his response. He was going to tell me how silly I was to say that.

    After all, he loved me!

    “You are right.” He said.

    What the f@*k!?

    Did I just hear him correctly? Our relationship was perfect! Obviously, Redbeard didn’t think so.

    With that, Redbeard walked me out to the bus stop. He hugged me goodbye. It was the longest bus ride ever.

    The next morning I arrived to school. I saw Redbeard sitting with a group of our friends. He stood up and motioned towards me. I looked away and kept walking.

    I ignored Redbeard in class.

    At lunch Redbeard tried to sit next to me. I told him to fuck off before moving to the next table.

    The next day in class Redbeard was called on by the teacher. He gave his usual smart ass remark.

    Only, this time I chimed in,

    “Of course he doesn’t know the real answer, he is mildly retarded.”

    Redbeard did not like this.

    The teacher looked at me, stunned.

    “I thought you two were a couple!” The teacher said to us.

    “We were, before I knew what a b@*ch, she was.” Redbeard responded.

    No way! Did he just say what I thought he did?

    It, was on!

    Redbeard and I were at war.

    Now, you may not understand how big this war was, it quite literally split the school. You see, Readbeard and I were the king and queen of all the losers, in loser school.

    Our classmates literally were forced to take sides.

    I sat behind Redbeard in class. When he wasn’t paying attention I reached into his back pack and filled it up with my open can of orange soda.

    The next day, Redbeard took a black marker and put a line through every blank piece of paper in my notebook and broke all my pencils in half while I was in the bathroom.

    At lunch I had one of my minions steel Redbeards lunch box and hide it in one of the classrooms.

    Redbeard retaliated by finding a test of mine, on the teacher’s desk, that had not been graded yet. He changed all my answers.

    I told the entire school that Redbeard had the smallest penis I had ever seen.

    Redbeard told everyone that I had herpes.

    We were sitting in class together, on a Wednesday. I was having a hard time with one of my assignments when Redbeard made a smug remark to me.

    I was sick of his shit.

    That’s when I did it.

    I reached into my bag, pulled out one of the razor blades we had used for fun and I cut him.

    Across his arm.

    Redbeard looked at me in shock.

    He stood up in class, with his chest puffed. Then, in the deepest voice he could muster said to the teacher,

    “I need to go to the nurse! I’m bleeding!”

    My face was red.

    I was going to juvenile prison.

    Redbeard had blood all over his arm.

    “Shhhh!” I begged.

    “Why are you bleeding?” the teacher asked, concerned.

    Redbeard looked down at me. I’ll never forget the look on his face.

    He REALLY did love me.

    “I cut myself on a piece of wire from the fence outside, it won’t stop bleeding.”

    Redbeard was protecting me.

    Though, the war was far from over.

    Redbeard needed seven stitches.

    I was still obsessed with Redbeard. I needed his attention in any form I could get it. I couldn’t believe he was doing this to me! Why wouldn’t he just apologize, already?

    This was all his fault anyway, for not just telling me he loved me.

    Then, one day Redbeard didn’t come back to class.

    At first, I was relieved. I needed a break from all the fighting and I was tired of watching my back.

    A few days later, I was worried. I was starting to miss him. Plus, I was getting bored.

    That’s when I found out he had dropped.

    The war had ended.

    At school anyway. It continued socially outside of school for another year, but that’s another story.

5 thoughts on “Redbeard’s Locker

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  2. Whoa! Love is strange. Thanks for posting this “slice of (your) life” it definitely got my heart rate up! Cheers and xo.

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