Welcome to the biggest piece of crap you will ever read!

You love this!

I am officailly ready to announce the publication of my first book: It’s not my fault.

Arriving February 14th 2013

I love you, almost as much as I love Donut.
In a really classless and creepy way.

I want to tell you all about the stupid things I do for attention.

Besides posing naked with donuts, I pleasure myself with random household items, tackle my friends while nude, sleep around with the most kinky people you will ever hear of and verbally attack strangers. Also, I’m the most awkward parent in the world. I have been rejected consistently in all I do, yet I keep trying and I document it all here on a stupid blog. Yup! I’m one of those losers.

Only, without a censor.

Facebook does not like this, they banned my ads. Something about it being too pornographic. Stupid Facebook!

I’m pretty much the most entertaining person there ever was. Also, I am now famous, in my head. I have fans. You are now my biggest fan.

Enjoy searching through this site. When you have had enough, go here: http://www.facebook.com/electrikkiss and post a pic of yourself on my page with a donut, preferably, in a sexual nature. Or at least like the damn page.

BUY THE BOOK! Don’t forget. Or else I will die.