How I Lost My Virginity: Twice is an affiliate of eBayImage

I was 15 and I just wanted to get it over with already. So, I did what any experience seeking, teenaged sociopath would do.  I slept with the first idiot who came along.

That’s right, to lose my virginity.

His name was Mason Hudge but I like to refer to him as Mason Huge.

Soon you will understand why.

Huge was in the same grade as I was. Unlike me, he was into the heavy metal scene. Huge wore all black, combat boots and a spiked collar. He didn’t have much of a personality and he was really short. Also, I’m pretty sure Huge thought he was a vampire.

After making out with half the neighborhood my freshman year and being called a tease, I decided I was finally ready to see what all the fuss was about. That and I was hanging out with my new friend Butterfly who was probably the biggest slut that ever lived.

“*****, I can’t believe you are still a virgin! I have slept with 18 people and I’m younger than you. Sex is amazing, you have to try it.”

“OK, Butterfly. But with who?”

“Don’t you have a crush on anyone?”

“Well, there I this guy in my math class who is kinda cute.”

“Do it with him!”

The next day I was sitting in my math class when Huge approached me. I can’t even remember what stupid thing he said to me but I cut to the chase pretty quickly.

“Huge, what are you doing after school this week? We should hang out.”

“My parents will be gone on Wednesday, do you want to come over. I might be able to get us a few beers.”

“Wednesday is fine, I’ll walk home with you.” I said.

That next Wednesday I followed my little death rock Munchkin home and into his room.

Huge pointed to my studded bracelet, “that’s really cool. Can I borrow it?”

“Uh, I guess,” I said before taking it off and handing it to him.

My Metallic-man grabbed me by the hair and pulled me onto his bed. We started making out. Then, that little fucker bit me! I don’t mean a love bite either. This guy laid into me like I was a juicy steak. He didn’t stop, he was trying to draw blood.

I wanted to scream out in pain but I didn’t want him to think I was a wimp. Plus, I really wanted to get the sex thing over with. I pulled off his pants.

“Are you OK with this?” He asked me.

I nodded without looking down or anywhere near his wooden stake for that matter. He reached into his drawer and pulled out a condom. I hid under the blankets with my eyes closed until he was done putting it on.

Next, he rolled on top of me. I could feel him fumbling with something down there but I wasn’t sure what he was doing. He bit me again while rocking back and forth on top of me for about 30 seconds.

That was it. Huge got up and started getting dressed, “my mom will be home in about 15 minutes so you should probably go.”

I was really confused but I got dressed. Huge walked me to his front door.

“Can I have my bracelet back now?”

“I’ll give it you in school tomorrow,” he answered before shutting his door.

I started my hour long decent home on foot. As I was waking my way through the darkening ghetto I reflected on what had just happened. I had just lost my virginity, I had had sex and I didn’t even feel it. Something must be terribly wrong with me or maybe I had the loosest vagina ever. Could it be that I didn’t have any nerves down there? That couldn’t be the case because I could feel it when I pee’d. Sometimes it even hurt when I inserted tampons but I had just had sex and felt nothing.

What could this mean?

I decided I had better ask all my friends. That next day I did just that.

“*****, you had sex but didn’t feel it? What did it look like? Was it big?”

“I didn’t look at it! I was too scared!”

Everyone pretty much came to the same conclusion, Huge must have not been huge after all. He must have been very small.

Several weeks passed and I had pretty much forgotten all about this. I wasn’t speaking to Huge because he never did bring me back my bracelet. I was hanging out at the park with a group of friends when it happened.

I was introduced to an angel, his name was Leo and he was beautiful. As it turned out Leo lived a state away with his mom but spent every other weekend in town visiting his dad. His dad lived just a few blocks from me. Leo and I clicked right away. We spent that entire weekend together. I was sad when Leo left but couldn’t wait for his return.

Two weeks later Leo was back. I had fantasized about him the entire two weeks he was gone and had decided, upon his arrival I was going let him penetrate me. I knocked on his dads apartment door around 8:00  in the morning that day. Leo had went out of his way to make sure his dad bought me a bottle of Strawberry Boonsfarm, my 15 year old drink of choice, before leaving for work that morning.

Awww, how sweet. Leo thought he had to liquor me up first, he didn’t know that I wasn’t planning on being a challenge. I sipped on my headache juice and made out with my sexy, seven inch Godsend. After about 45 minutes, Leo invited me into his fathers bed. I laid on my back and then I whispered softly to him,

“Do you have a condom?”

“Oh! You want to…I mean.. YAH! Right here, hang on!”

Leo slipped on his penis cover before slipping inside of me. What I felt next I was not expecting. I was being forced open by something big and strong. It was very awkward.


I couldn’t let him know my shock, I made some moaning sounds because TV had taught me I was supposed to. I tried to wiggle my hips to his rhythm but I had no clue what I was doing or feeling.


When it was all over Leo rolled to the other side and looked at me.

“Are you on your period?” He shyly asked.


“Wait, were you a virgin?” He almost yelled in shock.

I stared at him blankly.

Leo jumped up, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

I just shrugged.

What was I going to tell him? I didn’t even know I was still a virgin. I was just glad that I had felt it.

I continued to date Leo for another visit or two, until the incident happened, but that’s another story.


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  1. Hate to say it, but a similar thing happened to me. I like to think of it as the time I was tentatively deflowered versus the time I was thoroughly deflowered.

    Great post, by the way! You’ve got an awesome written voice!

  2. Thank you for liking my poem/post The Bride. Your post brings back memories… how I wish I hadn’t been so afraid of touching “it” and that my first true love and I had done it. We might still be together to this day! I look forward to reading more!

  3. I think I was roughly 15 when I lost my virginity, TV had taught me that people in abusive homes could only be loved though sex (and being young I was stupid enough to think this was true). While I did feel something I never actually felt any pain, even when the same man more or less forced me…I had a similar thought that there was something wrong with me it’s somewhat nice to know that someone else has thought the same thing even if the situation was different.

  4. I was 18 when I lost mine and he just made me bleed. I felt it and it was painful. I then pushed him off before he could even stretched me. The 2nd time I had sex was 1 day before I turned 21 and I felt it all. It was really painful but I let him finish and stretch me. I do not know why I let him finish. Sex is still boring and I stil do not feel a dick. The penises be big but I don’t feel pleasure.

    1. That’s because THEY aren’t doing it right! I hope you can find a man that puts your needs above hIs own and takes the time to kiss and caress you. Foreplay is the key! ♥ It just takes some time and finding that right person. You will get there.

      1. The next dude I did at 21 doesn’t like to foreplay much. The other dude ( my ex) likes to get to blow jobs or sex. I also don’t feel good one they go down on me. It just feels like whatever to me. I don’t know. I tried. I just feel really bored or bland. My sister said I should find someone who can do that but I am starting to think that I just don’t feel great sexually.

        1. It’s not you. You will find someone that makes you feel great about yourself and it will change. It took me about two years after my first time to find that person and he changed everything. It took my best friend a good decade. Everyone is different, but I have faith you will meet a non-douche who knows what he’s doing.

          1. Yeah, you’re right and I believe you. I am only 21 and I am sure Sex is as magical as people talk about and marriage end over. Lol, I just I have something as kickass.

  5. I never wanted sex got pressured twice but gave into both guys i did lose my virginity but the 3rd guy i was with still ripped me properly i feel dirty because it was within 2 weeks this happened 3rd guy i am still with but won’t marry as i’m muslim and he’s black non-muslim could change if not. married and slept with 3 guys before doesn’t sound too much but i wished it was one i was stupid i should have said no but i was forced & guys make u feel bad the third guy i’m with is amazing i wnt to marry him 😦 i’m 24 almost 25

    1. I understand. I also have been pressured before by men. Not a good thing. Try not to feel bad about it. It’s not you who is at fault. A decent man would respect you. I’m sorry about the situation you are in with the good guy. I’ll send good thoughts your way about it and hope for a change. Sex always hurts the first (real) time but after a while the pain stops and enjoyment can begin. Its a completely different experience when shared with someone you care about. Also better after more experience, you learn your own body and what you like. A good man will learn what you like too.

  6. I’m terrified of my first time. The guy I’m starting to date right now is being a total gentleman but I know he wants it. He’s almost 31, I’m 22. Even though things are still early and I don’t plan to do it yet, I wouldn’t be unhappy about giving myself to him as my first. But I’m so stinking scared. I can barely use tampons. Do you have any advice?

    1. Wine! Just kidding. I think the best advice I can offer is to get to know your own body first. It’s always terrifying when it’s new, wait until you feel ready and then try to relax (maybe a little wine lol). Also, for me, it’s much better when it’s with somebody who cares about you. If he truly does, he will wait and he won’t pressure you. Men lie! Be positive that he’s a good one. Even if it turns out later he wasn’t, at least you got it over with!

  7. i am perplexed by your piece and buffled by the dialogues that follow, i once had this woman, i had no idea that she was a virgin till i fixed ma self in her,i still remember her trembling. i felt very guilty and sorry for her, fo my havin tricked her to bed, i do not date virgins, i run whenever one show’s interest in me, i cant bear to see a woman plead wit me to be ‘soft’ and ‘gentle’ on her.

  8. Well written. I guess I was pretty slow with the sex thing. I was 19 when I naively convinced myself I had cleverly seduced a hot 30 year old divorcee. She moaned and groaned and told me what a “great lover” I was. In retrospect, I’m pretty sure the actual penetration didn’t last more than about 45 seconds. Maybe that’s why she wasn’t very interested in continuing a relationship with such a “great lover.”

  9. i lost my virginity to my 2nd time to another guy so i always say i slept with one is that bad only cause first time it weren’t sex and i bled a little so i only count my boyfriend is that lying to him

  10. Electric kiss… so dramatic a name.

    Thanks for likin’ my post.

    I really love your explicit narration. You put me in your world and i felt like i walked into your room seein’ mr ‘hudge’…
    I was hiddin inside the wardrobe on the left side of the room. When hudge opened the wardrobe to get his condom he coudnt see me because my black maffian suit had perfectly blended with his… peepin at you guys… my laughter bubbled like a boilin water as i watched your funny but history makin’ experience…

    well i hope some pipz may learn sth from you…

    kip up u doin’ well

  11. I’ve never had sex with a chick, so I guess in a strictly catholic sense I’m still a virgin. Did you ever get your bracelet back? I feel like you got ripped off. In some ways this story reminds me of the guy I made out with on Waikiki…he was actually huge, but unfortunately just touching ‘it’ was the end of our 30 second affair…thank god all my bracelets were tied on tight that night.

  12. Thanks for liking my blog. i will say this… the first time i had sex it was with the right person..We had dated for a while, and we both loved and respected each other and we were both virgins, and yes we were teens and it was difficult at first but absolutely amazing.

  13. Excellent piece…….But the errors we make when we are younger makes us appreciate things a little more when we are older…….Heck I got to an aged 24 before I found that talking was not a tongues best use……

  14. Hello dear Electrikkiss, thanks you liking my post…hope you were blessed? If I claim to have lived a perfect/holy life since I was born, that would be a big fat lie…I was wild, but as you will all agree- you just never can’t get enough of the “bad” stuff. my life was transformed when I found Jesus, despsite all I have done he still loved me (not so he could get something back-as you have experienced in most relation-something for something)…in him I have a lasting joy, something sweeter and better than sex; a deep and an unconditional love(the very thing we all long for). lost your virginity a billion times? His mercy is more than enough…just call on his name and you would be saved. much love

  15. So what happened, Huge didn’t even get it in you? If you can feel tampons there’s no way you wouldn’t feel a penis in there.

    Hilarious story thanks for sharing

  16. That’s what happened to me too. I found out later he had a bent penis. Even though he was quite big, because it was bent I never felt a thing. Made me wonder if he was just shagging the sheet underneath me to be honest lol. Great post x

  17. Did you ever figure out what happened with the first guy? Stories like this blow my mind. I went all the way through high school without having sex or even a girlfriend. I was very anti-social. All the stuff that went on around me that I wasn’t even aware of…

      1. Of all the issues I might have I’m glad I don’t have his problem. I’ve my fair share of awkward moments in college where people seemed too embarrassed to accept my friend request on social media sites. Only a few.

  18. Hi there. Wow, I admire your honesty. And sense of humor! The first time never is all roses and violin music, is it? Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad you liked the wombats!

  19. I was gonna change my display name to Mason Hudge and write you an angry comment but it was too much trouble so I just gave up. Good story though! When you are growing up, the opposite sex is such a mystery. I’m glad those days are over!

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