What the hell is wrong with you people?

I thought I would share a few of the silly and bizarre search terms that have led some of you to my site! Hilarious!


1) bubble butt hanging out

2) flush tampon

3) i impregnated my doctor

4) “daddy’s baby maker”

5) “my panties”

6) what happened to trent reznor’s child

7) catering brunch in ocean county for baby shower in my home

8) i hate old people

9) http://www.long dicking this bitch until she passes out.com

10) cowboy hoedown christmas play

11) horrible square tits

12) jell+y belly sluts

13) kill c it not my fault

14) vaginal picture

15) nutt in my butt she screamed

16) sexy disgusting picture

17) big bubble butt

18) volcano inside vagina

19) chubby red deer girls

20) drake got a bubble but

21) birthdays retard pricel

22) wrestler who said “it’s not my fault”

23) red beard dude sucked off

24) retarded dog story

If any of you would like to own up to any of these search terms by comment feel free!

“My daddy’s baby maker”! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! PRICELESS!!

For more of this, visit “Part 2”!



What do YOU have to say about this? Comment here!

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