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  1. After all that took place this past weekend you still only care about yourself. Get the help you so desperately need. You seem to be suffering from (Border Line Personality Disorde). As well as a serious addiction to alcohol.yet you refuse to get help for either one. As i said a long time ago, you’re not gonna be happy til you have/pushed everyone out of your life. Well take a good look around, thats exactly what you’re doing. Even your own daughter.


    1. This blog is fiction. Names, characters, places and incidences are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locations or people, living or dead is entirely coincidental. This blog is not a memoir; it is a highly exaggerated piece of filth. All characters in all videos are actors; All minor actors are participating within the custodial parties consent.

      I am touched my writing has affected you so deeply. Thanks for the feed back.


      1. “The difference between fiction and non-fiction, is that fiction has to be believable.” (Mark Twain) 😉 Seems like you got that part down.


  2. You were asked to please not use my daughter in any of your video or pics. You were asked not to associate her with your blog. I know this cause i saved the conversation. Yet for selfish reasons you ignored my request. Good luck as i will prevail. Dont come crying to me later, you will be ignored.


  3. Frankie- you lack any real intelligence! You show your infantile mentality by trying to threaten and debase an amazing artist. I fear that you abused her significantly during your marriage. Which exposes your character flaws. It also makes it quite apparent that there will be ZERO grounds for anything on your side in this fabled court battle you are threatening. Get off of your ridiculous tangent. You don’t have the money to back up your threats -you drug addict LOSER. THIS BOOK AND SITE IS FICTION!!!! Maybe you’re not sure what that big word means, but it means not real you fuckwit woman bashing champ. Get off of this site if it bothers you so, and leave us, her fans to enjoy. Stab him again -electrikkiss with another video. Don’t let his worthless threats slow your role. Your potential is erupting.


  4. Dear Electrikkiss, I love the photo set, so happy I found your work! Original and yet familiar, you have cut open and exposed a deep vein for us to gaze into and see our own wounds mirrored, celebrating both our witness and survival, our past. present and future. My vote? Beautiful! The comments (somewhat?) speak for themselves so no judgement from me. “Somewhat” because I must admit that they do evoke a web-detective temptation to delve in and revel in some internet anthropology; sounds like there’s a whole dossier of yummy revelations waiting behind a few clicks. Online life’s too short, aye? So “New Fan!” 🙂 Everything of yours I’ve read so far ‘in aggregate’ have evoked a bloggy tunnel of love, horror museum, fun-house, and hall of mirrors all at once, surrounding a fine writerly inner-stillness, so wow thanks for the wonderfully guilty pleasures you have given us! Cheers and xo!


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