Giddyup Bubble Butt (Video)


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      1. It just perplexes me the number of times I get a “Like” from a blog post in which I condemn public sexuality in our culture, because some slut sees I used the tag “sex” on the post but didn’t actually pay attention to the post’s content.

        I also find it ridiculous the number of modern women who apparently are so sex-starved and attention-starved that they feel the need to go on the Internet and act slutty.


        1. You still check out their pages which gives them blog hits. Really it’s all about the numbers. Plus your comment creates controversy, another plus and a win/win for both blogs. It interests the reader and prompts traffic to both sides.


          1. My site doesn’t market porn. It uses sexuality as a tool to entice the reader in. It’s actually much more complex but it takes a high intellect, curiosity and a low amount of judgement to really go in and explore to get the message.


            1. Actually, more than anything I’m shocked by how my work has been received. I assumed there would be tons of criticism and judgement and there really isn’t. More so I’m constantly surprised by how many people come to me for advice as well to confess. What I wasn’t expecting was to hear how relatable my writing is to do many people.


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