The Blogger Awards (because I can’t do anything right)

Listen world,

I have been nominated a few times by some fantastic blogger awards. Although I am not a fan of chain letters I am a total promotional whore. So, in return for all the extra traffic these wonderful bloggers gave me, I’m going to do my part and return the favor…..finally. Only, much as you all know by now, I just HATE following the (literary) rules!

Bare with me, I will do my best.

First off I would like to thank the wonderful people who trapped me in the first place,

Jack Chaser, The Things I See Up Here Very entertaining, in all ways.

Jen, Ramblings of a Crazed Mom, It’s nice to know I’m not crazed alone.

Because of you I soared past the 200 follower mark and am close to entering 700. THANKS TO YOU BOTH! ❤


Now, HERE are the rules I’m breaking:

So there are rules to this nomination. Those rules must be followed. The rules are;

1. Thank and link back to the blogger who has nominated you,

2. Post the award logo to your blog.

3. Nominate and link to 15 other very inspiring bloggers.

4. Notify them; and tell 7 things about yourself.



How it works (The Rules)

The rules for the Liebster Award are to:

A. Thank the person who nominated you.

B. List 11 random facts about yourself.

C. Answer 11 question they asked you.

D. Nominate 11 other people and then ask them 11 questions of your making ( You are all in for a treat.)

Also: according to the Liebster guidelines the award should be sent to other bloggers with less than 200 followers.
Yaaaaaaa.. But I’m not gonna do ANY of those things, really.
Instead, I shall offer you some amazing reading material to follow!
1. Positvagirl, Dating a Sociopath. This blog has quite literally changed my life. She has made it to the top ten for the Cosmo UK blog awards. Go vote for her HERE
2. Brandee, All the Right Ways to Do Everything Wrong Brand NEW blogger with TONS of interesting stories to tell. Can’t wait!
3. Gina, The Single Girl Project, Transforming her life in one year and creating a kick ass magazine
4. Spawn, The Spawn of a Sociopath. FINALLY a support group, I am NOT the ONLY one! Yay (it’ the little things)!
5. Zebra Humor. Why? This blog is the Kim Kardashian of Zebras. 
6. Bad Craigslist Artist of the Day, This blog is freakin’ awesome and does ALL the dirty work for you!
7. My Blog About Your Blog, Because he is helping the underdog! Bravo!
8. On Thick Ice, Some fucked up wisdom right there.
9. Book Review, I Love Book Reviews. Because I want him to review my book, duh! Even though he only has 7 followers and will probably hate it.
10. The Other Working Girl, One of the first blogs I ever followed. SO DAMN INTRIGUING! 
Well, there you go. My ten fav’s. Check them out and happy reading!


  1. I figured out what makes people like a blog: gossip. People love to read a blog that plays out like a reality-TV show with real-life drama (even if that blog is written in a very incoherent fashion).


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