*Donut (Freak) Contest Finalists!*

Well you guys are freakin’ AWESOME!!! I asked for Donut pictures and many of you actually humored me. It wasn’t in vain though, right? After all, the winner receives a free second edition copy of, “It’s not my fault.”

So, who will win? It’s up to YOU!! Scroll down to the comments section and VOTE for your favorite Donut Freak! Voting ends on midnight August 12th. The winner will be announced on Monday August 12, 2013.



Contestant #1 Brandi (with her adorable son, Carter), 

she was THE ACTUAL book cover designer!



Contestant #2, The lovely Matthieu! He bravely shot his photo session in a public park!

Now THIS is what I call art.



Contestant #3 Sanya, or as I like to (now) call her: NURSE SUGAR TITS!


(Seriously, this photo is amazing!)

Didn’t make it to the finalists? That’s OK!! You still have a shot to win HERE.

What are you waiting for?!?! GO VOTE NOW!!


      1. You apparently don’t know what the word “sociopath” means. A sociopath is someone who disregards the feelings of others (I.e. has no empathy). Jesus actually preached to treat other people with the same respect you treat yourself, a philosophy that has come to be known as the “Golden Rule”, which is basically all about empathy.

        You may be confusing the word “sociopath” with “narcissist”. Jesus was kind of a narcissist (but the Golden Rule balances that out).

        You, on the other hand, are the one who has some tendencies towards being a sociopath. First, there’s all the public sex talk. That book you wrote is just plain evil, and you are evil for publishing it and trying to profit from it. Apparently, you don’t have enough of a conscience to realize what future damage that could have on your child or the rest of society.

        I also saw a video on YouTube where you joyfully proclaimed that you hate your mother and were going to sell her ring and go gamble the money away. It’s just a bit unnerving that your childhood emotional damage is apparently so severe that you try to make desperate, sick, non-funny jokes about it, and it makes me wonder what’s really going on in your head.

        Also, I was joking, and the Bible is just a bunch of stories. If the guy had been named “Herkulees”, then I might have pointed out that misspelling too.


      2. Oh, and if you’re blaming Jesus for all the stupid, evil crap that modern Christians do, that’s like blaming Benjamin Franklin or Thomas Jefferson for the Iraq War.


      3. Wait. He’s an artist? What the hell kind of stupid explanation is that?! Are you implying that his parents knew he was going to be an artist when he was first born (and so they named him appropriately) or that he was so pretentious that he went through the trouble of changing his name once he decided to be an artist later in life?


      4. Jesus also preached against the destructive forces of violence, greed, and sexual immorality. Jesus was a pretty good and spiritual guy, maybe a little arrogant but his heart was in the right place. (Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and ignore the rest of the Bible that doesn’t focus on him.)

        But for you to try to turn things upside down and call him a sociopath while you peddle sexual perversion to the world, that shows just how evil you really are. (True evil tries to make right look wrong and wrong look right.)


      5. Also, the name “Matthew” was introduced before Christianity even became organized. First, it was the name of one of Jesus’ friends, and later it was the name of one of the people who wrote a manuscript about him. A single personal relationship and a manuscript do not make an organized religion.

        Oh, but you sure do like to encourage the worship of sex and debauchery, you evil whore.


      6. This whole blog, in a sense, is a way for people to worship you and your life. You have made yourself a false god. No one really needs to know the details of your life like this. If you need help, then you need real friends, not Internet worshipers. If you want to help other people, then you should collect your thoughts and write a book that teaches people how to avoid problems rather than using problems as a form of entertainment.


    1. What makes you assume anyone gives a damn what’s in the bible?
      Including how names are spelled in it. Any version of it.


  1. “Check the Bible”… Sigh…

    I love this presumption that so many people have the Bible was written in English.

    Yes, the English translation would suggest that the name is spelled Matthew. But if we’re going to bring The Bible into it, it was actually spelled מַתִּתְיָהוּ, or Matityahu. So Matthieu and Matthew, you’re both being horrifically blasphemous in your hateful misspelling of this sacred name.

    …And if we’re going to get continue to get Biblical about, stop praying to “Jesus” and start praying to Yeshua, or הוֹשֻׁעַ as was written 218 times in the original Bible.

    Wendi, I don’t think your name is in the Bible at all. But your sultry Gospels would have no doubt found themselves buried among the other gnostics in the New Testament apocrypha. Still, The New Testament strongly suggests (as anyone who’s actually read it would know) you would have more thank likely been one of Yeshua’s most cherished and favored friends. 🙂


    1. As one of those Biblical favored few in being graced by a name used therein, a “Matthews’ I was just kind of wondering why it always got spelled Mattress? It is a question that has confounded the sages for ages. Perhaps it something cosmically ordained to humble those who get a little too full of themselves.


  2. Why do people automatically think everyone is going to give a shit what Jesus taught? Did he teach people to be total douche bags on the internet by being a judgy mcjudgerpants and leaving shitty comments? Slut Shaming anyone you don’t agree with? How about living your own life Matthew instead of making yourself feel better by judging people on the internet? Does it get you hard? Does it take away the pain of being sad and lonely? Maybe it is the only control you have in life.
    Are you going to tell us what Muhammed said for your next judgement? Or maybe what they teach in the Amazon jungle tribe first contacted by explorers. Or what do the flying spaghetti monster follows think of slut shaming? I ask because what makes any one of these religions more valid than the last?
    I’m not a Fan boy… I haven’t even read her stories… I’ve just known her over a decade and don’t believe in slut shaming. So eat a dick and choke on it Matthew.


  3. To quote you Matthew, “This whole blog, in a sense, is a way for people to worship you and your life. You have made yourself a false god. No one really needs to know the details of your life like this. If you need help, then you need real friends, not Internet worshipers. If you want to help other people, then you should collect your thoughts and write a book that teaches people how to avoid problems rather than using problems as a form of entertainment.” Why does she have to live up to your expectations? Don’t like her page, then don’t read it. See how easy that is? She hasn’t made herself a “false god” A, because all gods are false and B, there is no “church of Wendi. If it isn’t your style of humor then find something that IS rather than trying to make people feel bad for not being exactly like you.


  4. One more thing Mr. Chiglinsky, calling her a whore showed exactly what kind of person you are. Tell us what the bible says then name call. What did the bible say about judging, if you love it so much then why the fuck are you playing the role of moral authority? Who asked you?


  5. What a fascinating conversation. It has been my experience, not personally of course, that those who live by the Bible die by the Whore! That great and powerful Whore of deferring self-responsibility. I guess my take is that it doesn’t matter what you chose as long as you chose for yourself. If I had a Bible, it would probably be written by Tolkein. HEY did I spell that right?


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