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It’s not my fault. Self Discovery & Admission.

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  1. Why don’t you just become a porn star? I’m not saying it wouldn’t destroy your life, but it would certainly fit your personality.


  2. The clips you’ve posted of the “Donut Movie” are such a tease. You’re only partially naked, and the clips only last for like 5 seconds. If you want to be a real whore you have to be totally naked for at least a few minutes, and then you and your evil fake breasts could make some real money.

    — You do have a nice face and butt though. Maybe some lucky man out there will appreciate that. —

    I shouldn’t really be paying attention to you, though. People like you give women a bad name, but I’m currently unable to find a good woman, so I’m stuck with people like you. I almost found a good woman recently, but she was just another hypocrite. I know you’re not a hypocrite. You’re too amoral to be a hypocrite.


    1. Actually I was completely naked and totally horrified both my assistant and my photographer that day.

      I will never do porn. This is not real, it’s a joke.

      If you want to find someone healthy, remember we draw to us what we give out. The only way to find someone “goid” is to make yourself “good” first. It’s the law is attraction. Work on bettering yourself and better people will be attracted to you.


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