Death & Denial


*Warning, this post contains graphic material that may not be suitable for sensitive readers or those under 18 years of age. Read at your own risk*scream



Inspired by a true story


  1. Not normal, but I admire your courage to share your feelings. That was a beautiful description of emotion and love. She truly loved Carl.


  2. I really liked this story because it still had the strong shock effect your writing has, but doesn’t dumb it down with exaggerated sex scenes, coarse language and politically incorrect jokes. True, honest grit at it’s best. Please write more stories like this.


  3. I don’t think I could watch my loved ones decay. I’m not sure if that means I am just squeamish or selfish or both. I really felt the hopelessness of this lady in your story. Sometimes we center our lives around people and don’t know what to do when they are gone. As usual, you get to the center of characters’ soul and then smack us in the face with their flaws. 🙂


  4. I felt like that when my father died, I hated everyone for wanting to bury him, I was angry at the funeral and angry at my mum, she hit the bottle for years after. Its a beautiful story, not macabre at all its very human in fact. Awesome.


    1. After my grandpa (who raised me) died I was disgusted with family.especially those who were not as close to him as I was. Their smugness and faked emotion at the funeral. I was so torn apart I couldn’t stand to stay. I had to leave and could feel then judging me for it.


      1. Grief is a terrible thing, its hard to recover from but its also a human thing, it shows we care. It taught me about the delicate nature of existence and how precious life is, that it wasn’t to be wasted, it’s to be lived. One of the things I really love about you is that you do go hard at living, you also have a sense of humour and its obviously taught you about love as well. 🙂


  5. I’m amazed (in a bad away) that this actually happened. I don’t think I could deal with a decaying corpse in my bed no matter how much I loved someone. This was really good though, very vivid with a real shock factor.


  6. Those pictures are just a little grotesque, and you’re way too obsessed with the physical body. If you were a more spiritual person, you could let it go. Memories are what matter, not a dead body.


  7. This is the first serious post I’ve seen from you (and the first I felt compelled to read all the way through). I didn’t know you were capable of actually communicating your feelings like a real human being (instead of making crass, irresponsible jokes about sex).

    But the cops were right. You were insane to do something like this, I hope only temporarily, because this sounds like something out of a horror movie.


  8. Okay. I decided that this is one of the most fucked up stories I’ve ever heard. The only thing more insane I can think of off the top of my head would be sexually molesting a baby. You don’t sexually molest babies, do you?

    The really scary thing is you don’t seem to readily admit you were insane for doing this.


    1. Ahahaha! There will never, ever be anything posted about molesting babies! Even I have limits, believe it or not!

      Ya, this story has been haunting me for a while, that’s why I finally wrote the tribute. I’m actually kinda creeped out about those photos even being on my site and have been considering removing them. I opened up my computer the other morning forgetting this was on my computer. Let me tell you, waking up to those pictures was not fun.

      I take can’t even imagine what kind of head state that woman was in….

      I’m going to try to follow up on her story a little later on.


            1. I’ve never been called a whore more in my life and nearly everything is pornographic. Sad. Anyway, great post and come find me if you ever feel like collaborating on a pornographic poem with me lol.


  9. This story reminds me of when I was just 14 years old. I had a paper route which included an apartment house. I will never forget the scent that I smelled coming from one of the apartments on the 2nd floor. After several months it was considerably less noticeable. I happened to meet the land lord in the hall way one day and mentioned to him that I sure was glad he had done something about that awful stink on the 2nd floor. He told me an old lady had died and more than two months later they opened the apartment and found her still sitting in her rocking chair.


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