The complete Donut series,

in order.

November 2012

Following an eight-year  love affair obsession with a sociopath.

These are the tales that inspired the blog originally.


1. Blood, Tears & Donuts

2. Ding Dong Ditch Em’

3. A Dream is a Wish Your Rotting Heart Makes

4. Donuts are a Girls Best Friend

5. Donut’s Sequined Slut

6. Skewer Through the Heart

7. Unhappy Ending

8. Donut Chode

9. How I Shot Donut


10. Today I’m Gonna Shoot Donut

11. Donut’s Little Shop of Whore


12. Donut Chop Shop Preview

13. The Donut Movie

14. All Dogs Go To Heaven: Even Retarded Ones


 15. Donut Freak Contest

There are TWO more Donut stories, but you can ONLY find them in the BOOK.

* The intro (which you can read in the book sample)

* “Smart Whore,” the last chapter, which finally reveals all the horrible details of our sex life.


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