Here are the archived stories about my ex husband, Beans. I used to think that Beans just wasn’t very smart. Turns out, I was married to a narcissistic sociopath who was gaming me.


*I’m still not convinced that Beans isn’t slightly mentally retarded though. If you look through the comments on some of these posts you will find that Beans, himself, has actually commented!


1. Beanie-Weanie-E.coli

2. I Don’t! Dumbest Day of my Life

3. Two Liner

4. Rolling Drone

5. Holiday String-ulation

6. Blubber Bashing Beans

7. Rock Bottom of the Tub

8. Magic Can Burn, if you Have Active Herpes

9. Soggy Italian Sausage


1. Dumb Beans….Mmmmmm

2. Pawn Whore


1. Bare Bear (this one is here for the comment thread at the bottom)

2. Former Fat Ass