The Fun Girls

 In my 20’s there was a group of gals that I hung out and partied with. They helped me get through breakups, blackouts, arrests, and the occasional stalking. Most of these girls now live overseas. Probably because it was the only way to escape my antics!



1. Red Deer from Boston

2. Cocaine: on a Cellular Level

3. Red Wine Gives you Wings

4. Real Friends Help you Move Grenades

5. Bud Light Betty & the Mullet Man

6. Demented Cheeto

7. Long Island Iced Pee

8. Nautical Feces

9. Livin’ the Dream: In Spandex

10. Catsuit Fever

11. Livin’ the Dream: of Indecent Exposure


  1. Just finished my second trip through your book, and all I can think to say is holy hell. How you made it through all that will be debated by philosophers in the 22nd century. And I want to eat donuts all of a sudden. 😉


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