How Everything Changed

Now, I know that my blog started out as a joke, sometimes highly exaggerated, other times brutally honest. Laced with shocking admissions and unconventional humor aimed for a mature audience. However, throughout the course of the year since I had begun writing my life took a drastic change. Just as I was healing from my divorce, I lost yet another high paying job (due to the economy) as well as my grandfather (whom had raised me). After being duped and then discarded by a malignant narcissist , through a virtual affair, my eyes were finally opened and my patterns seen for the first time.

*My entire life has changed, for the better.

These are the stories leading up to my epiphany. They are not as humorous as the rest, but they are real and are now serving as the inspiration for my upcoming series of books.


Humorous & Exaggerated Stories

1. I Hate Old People (I wrote this to vent my frustrations one afternoon while still living with my grandparents, check out the comment thread)

2. So What

3.  Test Tube Tires

When Everything Changed

1. This is Not Fiction but I Wish it Was. This is password protected. It’s the log I ran throughout the entire mess of my grandfather dying and the unjust way my family treated my children and me. If you would like to read it, please send me a private message.

2. High on Hobo

Grim My Narcissist

1. 3 am

2. Grim Reality

3. A Tribute to a Victim (Here I take on the role of “Grim” and play out my interpretation, using a female perspective, of what could have happened to his dearly departed best friend)

Media Article Covering My Story

1. Crushing the Kinky Doughnut

When Things Began to Unwind

1. I am a Mutant, Probably

2. Sociopaths Can Kiss my Rainbow Sprinkled Ass

3. Sociopathic Shock Syndrome

4. Trash, Filth & a Complete Embarrassment

I Finally Found REAL Love (and it’s gross)

1. The Other Naked Author

2. Piggy Banks for Pelee

*Be on the look out for more of Sam this year.



  1. Real love is gross.ha ha no fun and boring to match. to save to predictable.
    And sorry about the Gramps.

    Dupe discarded we party on and smile. seeking fun and a reason to be smiling again tomorrow.

    Or so I live. Honesty is good. But keep smiling.

  2. Fab. Thank you for following Sophia’s Children, which led me here to your blog. Creative, bold, honest … excellent. I look forward to browsing and following your musings. And yeah, I recognize the narcissist-sociopath run-ins, and various life-implosions coming at the same time, so I appreciate the stories that arise out of that interesting ground. ~ J

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