My mother is a narcissist and it took me 30+ years to figure it out! Now that I have, everything in my life looks so much different and I am finally able to heal and deal with things much more clearly. Some of these stories I wrote before I realized the truth and some after. I have an entire series of books I’m currently writing that cover many of these similar stories and events in much more depth. A few of these you may recognize from the first book.

*Unfortunately the majority of my family is still in denial of this fact and stuck in the cycle of abuse.



1. Children go to Hell

2. I’ve got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates

3. Just Keep Walking

4. Talk About Being Stuck

5. Tiny The Turkey

6. Super Sandman & the Hand Gun

7. Dead Brothers are No Fun at All

8. Holiday Ho Down

9. Vaginal Volcano

10. Tylenol for Tears

11. Moon Crashers

12. Pole Dancer

13. Slaughtered Straight Jackets

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