1. Sass, I appreciated your Latin motto, “I will rise from the ashes,” I saw it somewhere on your blog but can’t find it now. I think mine is Ego iterum cecideris. It just sets the bar so I don’t get all big headed or have my expectations (or anyone elses) so high.

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  1. LOVED both photos. This was a hilarious post. You’re a lovely lady. If it were me, the retouched would be my way of saying you’re perfect the way you are and anything else is tampering with that perfection. I think he loves you. Anyway, I’m saying, don’t call him an ass hole until you find out if I’m right about what he was trying to say. On this, I’m pretty sure I’m right. But if I’m wrong, let me know what he says. Blessings!~DM


    1. Thanks DM, you are totally wrong. He ended up falling from me everything I owned and left me and my children homeless. I spent the last 7 months trying to get back on my feet.


      1. damn. well, I had hoped better from him, and I mean every word of what I said about you. Sorry, some guys are just lower than I want to describe in words on your fine blog. Clearly, he’s a selfish idiot. You are obviously totally beautiful and smart and funny, and deserve someone who appreciates you.

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