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Colourful imagination with grey thoughts

I first discovered Wendi Bear works on a little WordPress blog ‘It’s not my fault’. Her short stories were as insightful as they were graphic. It was not ‘refreshing’, but rather ‘invigorating’ to read a blog with real passion and fearless story telling. It was magnetic; I was puzzled to try and decide if this was a pure work of fiction or an exaggerated truth. Either way it was entertainment on a weekly basis. Though I had known about her first novel for some time, I never really had the spare cash to invest in a full collection. Well after a new job and a bit of free reading time on the two trams and bus each morning I figured I could treat myself. So I bought both ‘It’s not my fault’ novels and decided to have a read. Needless to say I have a lot to say about them…

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