Dear Saboteur

donutshoeI would like to thank you for writing this article about me!

“What Does Wendi Bear Say About America? Donuts, Boobs, Butts, and Porn Reveal A Culture with More Rights Than Sense”

I would also like to thank VikingBitch for the article she wrote about me.

“Subliminal Sexual Imagery of The NWO Mother: Vagina Moonbounces, Fake Boobs, & Donuts. Sometimes A Donut Is Not Just A Donut.”

After scrolling through Saboteur365’s comment thread I noticed a lot of interesting misinterpretations. I also noticed a request from Saboteur asking that I speak myself. So, to honor that request here it is 😉

My name is Wendi Bear. I am an author. You are confusing myself with the character I have developed named Asterisk Five.

YES! Asterisk is a huge part of me, however Asterisk is NOT me. She’s a bolder, brasher some what narcissistic alter ego of mine.

Donut is not sex. Donut is a fictional character I developed as Asterisk’s love obsession. Donuts IS the fictional version of a man I once loved and obsessed over myself. That man happens to share a name with a famous doughnut shop chain.

….yes, seriously.

That’s the only connection.

The donut pics were done as a spoof of that obsession as well as a promo for the first book. They are not the ONLY semi-nude spread I have done. I did a second shoot entitled Bare Bear which was a tribute to my own work.

I also write horror.

Now, the funny thing is, that although I write A LOT about sex, I have never written about sex with Donut on my blog. Actually, you can find the full list of those stories HERE. The only sex with him that I actually cover, is in the last story of the first book in which Asterisk finally let’s him go.

I know that you and some of your blog followers had many more questions. Most of those questions are already answered in this blog. All you have to do is read. I know it comes off as trash, filth and all that is wrong with America BUT it goes a lot deeper than that, if you just take the time to look.

…or don’t. I also accept author interviews. 😉

At any rate, you can’t always judge a blog by its pictures.

To my own fans, please read the amazing press I have recently been blessed with in the links above and feel free to comment your own opinions here and in their threads as well! *Yay for a little controversy!


Wendi (not Asterisk)

P.S. I DON’T DO PORN! is an affiliate of eBay




  1. Reblogged this on saboteur365 and commented:

    Wendi, thanks for taking the time to respond to our misconceptions. You generated quite a buzz the other day on my site.

    I think you’re a fine writer. I compared you to Charles Bukowski in a comment, you may remember. If there is justice in the world you’ll get a contract with a big publisher that has the money to send you on book signing tours. Bukowski lived a tragic life. I hope yours is happy. I’m not a supporter of the theory that artists must suffer for their art.

    If you decide to take your career into more mainstream writing, I follow Charlotte Allen’s Stupid Girl Blog. She actually makes a living as a professional writer, which is not easy to do. You might look at some of her stuff, which revolves around social commentary, but written for a G-rated audience. She’s a conservative, but I have the feeling you won’t hold that against her.

    When you become famous for whatever writing you do, i’ll be able to say I wrote about you before the general public knew you. LOL.

    PS We speculated that you have at least one child. I’m betting you’re a good mother. Have you thought about writing a children’s book?

    1. Someone go read this guy’s blog right now. You’ll find he’s a paranoid, racist lunatic who creates new posts every few minutes.

      With that said, Wendi is a slut. Example:

      But I won’t backpedal on the issue. Wendi, you’re cute, but you’re a slut, and what you do is sometimes porn, which is literally harmful and addictive.

      In other words, I think both of you should burn in Hell, racists and sluts. You all deserve each other. People give you a chance to repent, and yet you refuse it.

  2. Thank you again, Paladin.

    I have two children and a step daughter. All under the age of 8. I’ve never looked into children’s books because for one, I couldn’t illustrate it and for two they are very expensive to produce in print.

    In real life I’m pretty happy and very boring. I garden, I raise rats and my social life revolves around my kids and significant other.

    I’ll check out Charlotte Allen, thanks for the recommendation ❤

  3. Reblogged this on vikingbitch's Blog and commented:

    This is Viking Bitch. There are a lot of misconceptions about me as well. I looked at your blog and I interpreted it the way I wanted. I believe there is a lot of sexual symbology behind donuts, stiletto heels, and the like. Hey, that is my opinion. My blog, my interpretation. You will never see pictures of me on my blog because I do not speak for what is popular right now, that being “poop culture” as I call it. I glanced at your Facebook page and that was enough for me. I did not like it. My taste, my opinion, but unfortunately, my opinions are lambasted because I reject today’s society, which I think it is downright trashy.

    Although we are different, I suspect we may see on eye on certain things, the biggest issue being freedom. Everyone at the end of the day wants to be free. And that is what I want, to be free. I want to be free to live life on MY terms, express things MY way, and do what the hell I want to do.

    I suspect you are the same.

    I will never read your book and I have no desire to read your blog. Seeing a woman with fake boobs and donuts pasted on her nearly naked body is not for me. My opinion and my right to not like the imagery.

    I really do not want to read your books based on what I have seen so far. Am I being prejudiced? Yes I am. I do prejudge. Of course. Everyone does.

    At the end of the day, everyone makes a snap decision as to whether or not they want to pursue a relationship with someone. It happens within the first meeting, glance, phone conversation. We all put out images as to how we want to be seen, how we want others to see us.

    Someone awhile back said to me, “VB, why don’t you put pictures and images and ads on your blog?”. Frankly, I do not have the time because I am going to school and raising three kids on my own. My blog takes a lot of time believe it or not….well, to me an hour or so a day is a lot as I am busy doing two loads of laundry, cleaning the house, cooking meals, and then doing my online. I still have not showered yet today. As you noticed, it took me awhile to respond.

    I do not wish you ill will, but you and I are in two completely different worlds.

  4. I could not believe what I read in those blogs. It was mind blowingly uninformed and nonintellectual. I appreciate everything you do to push the boundaries and spark conversation. Plus, donuts are awesome 🙂

  5. Wendi I think a debate between you and Vikingbitch would make great reading. You two seem to have a lot in common, and a lot not. Are you both onto something?

    I don’t know what to make of it all, but please consider.

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