donutshoeI would like to thank you for writing this article about me!

“What Does Wendi Bear Say About America? Donuts, Boobs, Butts, and Porn Reveal A Culture with More Rights Than Sense”

I would also like to thank VikingBitch for the article she wrote about me.

“Subliminal Sexual Imagery of The NWO Mother: Vagina Moonbounces, Fake Boobs, & Donuts. Sometimes A Donut Is Not Just A Donut.”

After scrolling through Saboteur365’s comment thread I noticed a lot of interesting misinterpretations. I also noticed a request from Saboteur asking that I speak myself. So, to honor that request here it is 😉

My name is Wendi Bear. I am an author. You are confusing myself with the character I have developed named Asterisk Five.

YES! Asterisk is a huge part of me, however Asterisk is NOT me. She’s a bolder, brasher some what narcissistic alter ego of mine.

Donut is not sex. Donut is a fictional character I developed as Asterisk’s love obsession. Donuts IS the fictional version of a man I once loved and obsessed over myself. That man happens to share a name with a famous doughnut shop chain.

….yes, seriously.

That’s the only connection.

The donut pics were done as a spoof of that obsession as well as a promo for the first book. They are not the ONLY semi-nude spread I have done. I did a second shoot entitled Bare Bear which was a tribute to my own work.

I also write horror.

Now, the funny thing is, that although I write A LOT about sex, I have never written about sex with Donut on my blog. Actually, you can find the full list of those stories HERE. The only sex with him that I actually cover, is in the last story of the first book in which Asterisk finally let’s him go.

I know that you and some of your blog followers had many more questions. Most of those questions are already answered in this blog. All you have to do is read. I know it comes off as trash, filth and all that is wrong with America BUT it goes a lot deeper than that, if you just take the time to look.

…or don’t. I also accept author interviews. 😉

At any rate, you can’t always judge a blog by its pictures.

To my own fans, please read the amazing press I have recently been blessed with in the links above and feel free to comment your own opinions here and in their threads as well! *Yay for a little controversy!


Wendi (not Asterisk)

P.S. I DON’T DO PORN! is an affiliate of eBay