I was mindlessly reading though my stupid Facebook news feed the other day when I came across one of the most f**ked up posts I’ve ever encountered. It was right up there with that video of the baby chicks being thrown into a meat grinder that turned me vegetarian last year.

The post came from a friend I follow named Viviana. It was a desperate plea for help with a news story and petition attached.

Viviana and I seem to have something in common, we both think that it’s a good idea to meet men online. Much like how I met Sam through interacting on a mutual friend’s Facebook post, Viviana met David. Only instead of wanting to make puppets together, it was a post about an invention that could capture and use energy created by friction of the human skin.

“David had commented on the post, about it being ‘cool’ and also said something about nanotechnology rebreather  that was being made for scuba divers. I then commented on it and apparently since I was a chick with a brain, he wrote me a private message saying,  ‘Nerds of the world unite’,” Viviana explained.

Hmmm, I would have made a sex joke. Get it? Friction? Human skin?


“We then started chatting and I jokingly {asked David to} ‘Talk nerdy to me’ and well, we hit it off after that. We could talk about sea life, astro physics, quantum physics, we both liked sailing, gardening, blah blah blah…”

The two had apparently hit it off, talking every day online and over the telephone. Soon Viviana became anxious to meet her new dweeb and after the approval of a mutual friend she finally did. In a public place of course. After finding out David would be flying home from a recent vacation and having a layover at an airport an hour and a half away, Viviana drove out to meet him.

❤ How romantic ❤

As it turned out David was just as much of a stud in person as he had been online. They continued their cyber romance for several months until the day finally happened, David invited Viviana to move in with him. Though she was care taking for her mother in Texas at the time, she made the decision to follow her heart and jumped at the chance for true love. Five months later Viviana moved to Washington.


The couple the day they met


David was everything Viviana had hoped for in a mate. Together, with another couple, they shared a house on a property with land large enough to raise animals. David had promised Viviana marriage and a family one day, “As soon as we have the resources lined up.” Like many people do this day in age, Viviana had much concern for the environment as well as eating healthy. One day, after coming home from a permaculture retreat, David brought with him a pair of ducks. Not long after discovering how delicious fresh laid eggs could be, the couple adopted some different varieties from local breeders.

Feeling secure in their food sustainability attempts, they decided to add to their farm. The next animal they started raising was rabbit. Viviana researched the most humane methods of slaughter for “little Thumper” and made sure to only practice such. Using the meat for food, the pelts were then saved and sewn for clothing while the bones were used for art. Nothing was to be wasted. Because the rabbits were raised for food, they were given the best diet imaginable, GMO and gluten-free plus plenty of fresh water daily. Though the animals were primarily used for stew, they quickly became pets to Viviana. She hand raised all of them, and her life revolved around them as her mothering nature kicked into overdrive. When one of her female rabbit’s gave birth to five healthy babies, she became ill and couldn’t recover. Viviana held that mother rabbit lovingly in her arms until she had taken her final breath.

The couple’s home soon became more than just a farm and pretty soon they were taking in rescues from online sites such as Craigslist. Added to their collection were guinea pigs, dogs and even pet rats.

Though their animal family was growing, David started becoming distant towards Vivian. “I think you wear too much makeup,” he once told her as an excuse. “I would find you more attractive if you went all natural.”

So, in an attempt to please her man, she did just that. Bitch even grew out her (arm) pit hair! Now THAT”S what I call love! Ewwww…

When her attempt seemed to have no affect on David, she pressed him further for answers.


Viviana stopped wearing makeup and let her hair grow out naturally as David requested


“My family is against us living together,” he lied. “My sister will be coming by every Wednesday for dinner to check on the house. I need you to make sure you are gone every week when she comes.”

Devastated and without much option, Viviana reluctantly left the house overnight every Wednesday as David had requested.

When their six month anniversary came around, David asked for a special gift, that Viviana allow him to bring another woman into their bedroom. Isolated in Washington and still trying to retain the love of her man, Viviana had no choice but to agree.

It wasn’t long after when the couple had been sitting down to dinner with their roommates that it happened.

“Stop talking about that you guys!” Viviana complained when the subject matter was making her sick to her stomach.

They two men continued on as if they hadn’t heard her.

“Seriously, can’t this conversation wait until after dinner?” she begged again.

“Stop being such a wimp!” David ordered.

“If you don’t stop,” Viviana began to giggle lifting up her hand, “I’m going to poke you with my fork!”

David’s playful expression quickly changed to rage, “Get her out of here, right now!” he ordered his roommate. “I’m serious! Get that bitch out of my house!”

Shocked and in disbelief, Viviana scooped up her suitcase and one of her dogs and climbed into her roommates car.


Fizgig, the sole pooch Viviana took with her to the shelter; Fizgig is a papered service dog


“Listen Viviana, you really need to watch what you say to David. When you threatened him like that it really brought out his PTSD. You know he was stabbed before right? By his ex girlfriend too, you need to be more sensitive next time, I mean if he allows you back.”

“I don’t understand what happened. I thought we were in love and…”

“I have to tell you something, Viv. It was never David’s sister coming over on Wednesdays. He was making you leave so he could have sex with his new girlfriend.”

Viviana gasped.

“In your bed,” he finished.

“Have I met her?”

“On your anniversary.”

They drove in silence for almost an hour until her roommate pulled up in front of a hospital. I’ll let you out here,” he advised.

Viviana stepped out with her little pooch and small suitcase. Without anywhere to go she was given information on a local woman’s shelter.

For weeks Viviana waited for David to come to his senses. After all, she had left her entire life to be with him. She was almost 2000 miles away from her family and friends without a job, any money or means to return home.

A month had gone by living in the shelter but Viviana hadn’t given up hope and was still waiting for David to reconsider when she found out the truth.

Her biggest nightmare had come true, all over the news was David’s face and the gruesome discovery investigators had made at her former home.


 “What investigators found at an Olympia man’s home is the worst case of animal abuse that they have ever seen,” one news report read.
“When the police arrived to our home, they found David covered in {our animal’s} blood and there were blood splatters all over the floor, tables, and walls of our basement,” Viviana confessed. “{David} told me that he had to kill the animals because he could no longer afford to feed them.”
Desperate and still living in the shelter, Viviana called her mother in Texas and begged that she wire money not to her but to David for food for the animals.
“He claimed that he couldn’t retrieve the money from MoneyGram. I thought he did it {the slaughter} humanely. I didn’t know what had happened until animal control called me and told me the reason why I hadn’t heard from him {David} for a few days was because he was in jail.”
So what did happen in their home to all those “rescued” animals?

“David killed all five of the baby bunnies.

They were under two months old.

He killed them horribly.


He strangled them.


One of David’s Victims


He crushed their skulls.


Another one of David’s victims

He punched my seven pet guinea pigs to death.


Two of the slaughtered seven

He decapitated {baby} bunnies while they were still alive.”


The parents of the five murdered baby bunnies; Including the mother who died in Viviana’s arms


“David Williford held the animals in very bad conditions. Dozens of rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and dogs were rescued from his property. The basement and backyard were filled with blood spatters, filth and carcasses.

 The animals that were still alive were rescued by the authorities which described the animals as being desperate for food and water.
 Several dogs were upstairs in the attic, locked in cages with absolutely no light, no water, no food and no warm bedding. When they were rescued the animals jumped into the arms of animal control officers.
 Investigators first got wind of the case when someone came to stay with Williford. When that person threatened to report the abuse the man threatened him. The witness says he fears for his life but reported him anyway.
 Williford’s defense attorney says it was simply an unsanitary butchery for meat that Williford intended to eat, and has eaten routinely. Williford got all the animals using Craigslist.
 Williford is now held in jail on $150, 000 bail!”

*Viviana will be attending David’s trial in the near future as a witness for the prosecution.


 You can watch the news story here:

If this story infuriates you, PLEASE sign the petition below and DEMAND that David be given the MAXIMUM PENALTY for animal abuse!

Petition by PetitionHub.org -> Sign the Petition on: http://www.petitionhub.org/David-Williford-Starved-Destroyed-And-Ate-Pets-He-Bought-On-Craigslist-Demand-The-Maximum-Penalty-t-1329

As for Viviana, she still sits alone in the shelter with her one remaining dog, Fizgig. She has started a GoFundMe campaign to help her relocate.

You can donate here:


 If you or anyone you know is in a similar relationship PLEASE SEEK HELP!! This is another typical example of Sociopath/Narcissist/Psychopath abuse!!!  There are two types of people in this world, those who can love and those who can’t. Those who can empathize and those who can’t!


They are much more common than you think and I guarantee some are around you right now, be it a parent, spouse or a co-worker!

Open your eyes, change your patterns and STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK!


Here are some resources:

…and for the love of Christ, PLEASE STOP giving your pets away on craigslist! That should be a no-brainer. Sheesh….


-Wendi Bear
*I interviewed Viviana Giovanni on April 4, 2015. Though some of this content has been quoted directly, other parts are my interoperation as the writer. Though Viviana gave me permission to write her story she still holds all legal rights to what has happened to her.

21 thoughts on “Pet Store Supper

  1. As an animal lover and the proud owner of one mischievous rabbit, I am seething. It saddens me that even the highest penalty for animal abuse is no where near high enough. Seriously, the world doesn’t need people like that guy in it.

    Btw, the petition link doesn’t work :/

  2. That rallying cry at the bottom, just after the gofundme link; struck me as rather bizarre. What a strange generalization to make, not just of this issue; but, of people in general.

  3. I have been through this. I have had my cat abused, my daughter’s dog murdered in front of her just short of three years ago, and another dog abused horribly at the hands of my soon to be ex husband. Last week after being in a trial for two days – I obtained a Peace Bond against him – good for one year- it only covers me though and not my six year old – go figure! Fighting in Supreme Court for her protection still. There are sick people in this world, and I was stuck with one of them for a while … and I met him online too …

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