Caught in Albuquerque

 Early this afternoon I sent a message over to my friend Cynthia asking how she was doing and if she had “heard anything” yet.

“He posted another one. I called the police again today and an officer is on his way over. Wish me luck,” she begged.

“My fingers are crossed!”

A few hours later my phone beeped and I peered down onto my newly cracked screen to see it was a message from Cynthia. Hoping for a positive update, I opened the message.

“Well this is some bullshit! It seems that since he isn’t using my real name there isn’t anything they can do.”


“I know… They advised me to go to his house and confront him.”

“Seriously? They don’t think thats f**king dangerous?!?!” I screamed into my keyboard while punching in the corresponding keys.

“Right? I might kick his ass!”

I laughed out loud. “Can I post your story now?”

“Let’s do it,” she agreed.

It was roughly three years ago when Cynthia first found out. She was sitting on her computer mindlessly scrolling through her Facebook page when a message came in from an old friend. Happily she clicked on her screen and began to read.

“Hi Cynthia. I’m a little worried about you. I was on Craigslist this morning and I came across your ‘Causal Encounters’ ad. Why do you have that up? A little gross don’t yah think? Aren’t you are married?”

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“This,” he said posting a link.

With her hand trembling she bravely clicked on it and was redirected to Craigslist.

There is was, her picture! Stolen directly from her Facebook page profile! She began to read:

“Hey boys! It’s me, Lisa P. I have had PLENTY of cocks today but I’m going to need a few more to make me happy. You must be hot and sexy and ready to pleasure me! Come over and I will be waiting for you in my bedroom wearing just panties.”

She sat there reading it over and over again, stunned.

Though the poster had not listed a physical address, they had in fact left an email address.

Immediately, Cynthia send a message to the poster asking that this person please remove her pictures.

“The response from the poster was, ‘Fuck you! Try to find me and make me stop!'” Cynthia said.

Desperate, she sent a message to Craigslist telling them what had happened and begging them to remove the ad.

She waited on edge until they finally responded later that day.

“In order for us to remove the ad, it must be “Flagged,” the message read.

With hope, Cynthia logged back on and did just that. Soon after the ad was in fact removed and Cynthia felt a sense of relief.

Her relief was short lived because the next day, a new ad was posted. Like she had done the day before she “Flagged” it and once again it was removed.

Unfortunately, who ever was behind the ad didn’t seem to care. This person seemed to be enjoying the attention and thought it was a game. Every time the ad was removed he/she would just post another one in it’s place.

For weeks the game continued and Cynthia’s anxitey grew. She reached out to her family for support and with their help tried to track down who was behind the ad to no avail. Yes she could trust her family with the situation, but what if someone else found out? What could this do to her reputation? After all, she was informed originally from a friend who happened to stumble upon it, what if others did as well?

It didn’t take long for Cynthia’s worst nightmare to come true. She arrived to work one morning and was greeted with whispering and dirty stares from her co-workers.

Soon people began to make rude comments to her as well. She left many shifts in tears, her reputation was ruined. The anxiety worsened and she cried herself to sleep most nights after word of the ads had spread.

Cynthia’s life was in crumbles.

“I hated going to work after that. I eventually had to quit my job because one of my supervisors spread a rumor that I was was working as an escort,” Cynthia confessed to me.

Not long after she resigned from her job, the ads stopped.

“I always thought it was a girl from work. She moved (out of state) and for some reason they stopped so I didn’t check (Cragslist) for too much longer.”

Three years went by and this trauma had become a distant memory in Cynthia’s past. She had moved on with her life and found new work as a caregiver. She thought all of this was behind her for good then it happened again.

“Some unknown person messaged me on Facebook saying he thinks someone is using my photos on social media. I asked him how he knew and he (told me that he) had met someone using my pictures and that (they) talked for two days through messages. Then he sent me the screen shot.”

cynthia 2
One of the ads posted with Cynthia’s stolen photo

“He said that he knew some back story on the ad and the address listed in the ad. He said that it turned out to be a gay guy in his 30’s and when he got there the guy told him the truth. That there was no girl and that he just wants to meet strangers for sex.”

The “unknown person” left the poster’s house and messaged Cynthia right away.

As it turned out, the news from this “unknown person” (truly an angel, if you ask me) were all the clues Cynthia finally needed to solve the puzzle.

The poster of these terrible ads, the person responsible for destroying not just Cynthia’s reputation but her LIFE and her emotional wellness for three years was her very own COUSIN by marriage!

A man named Steven Rael aka Xae Sanchez.

cynthia 3
Steven Rael aka Xae Sanchez
cynthia 4
Steven Rael aka Xae Sanchez

It was a few weeks back that Cynthia had posted a plea for help on her very own Facebook page. She had pasted a screen shot from one of the many ads that Rael/Sanchez had posted with one of her stolen pictures.

Although Cynthia has been ridden with fear and anxiety she finally found the courage to call law enforcement for help last Thursday. I spoke to her after her meeting at the police station.

“They directed me to an internet crimes detective and they knew who he was. I have to meet with the internet crimes and sex crimes department tomorrow.”

The next day she messaged me again.

“They blew smoke up my ass! They said they would send all my evidence to the district attorney to add to his file but there isn’t anything they can do, he isn’t breaking any laws!”


“I got a new message today from the guy who tipped me off,” she added.

The message was this screen shot of yet another posting:


Rael/Sanchez is a ruiner of lives who so far seems to be getting away with it!

What has happened to Cynthia can happen to ANYONE!!

Cynthia has been trying to reach out to the victims of Rael/Sanchez’s sexual schemes. She is trying to protect other potential victims. Although I can not say for certain, it has been rumored that this man may be infected with the HIV virus and could be infecting those he has been having sexual encounters with. He must be stopped!

Please help us find some justice not just for Cynthia but for the victims who have been lured into Rael/Sanchez’s deviant trap!

If you have ANY information on this case PLEASE come forward!

Deputy P. Portell  505-798-7000 @ Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office

Contact Cynthia directly by email:

Cynthia has also started a GoFundMe campaign to collect funds for an attorney. You can donate HERE

*You can also help by spreading the word!! Please share this post on your social media and help stop this terrible man from hurting more people!!!


This douche bag is STILL AT IT!!!

He has been CAUGHT, he knows he was caught and now he’s STILL lying!!!!! He JUST posted this on Craigslist after discovering this article about him:

cynthia 6


Cynthia’s story was reported on the news tonight!!!!

Watch the story HERE


Today Saturday May 9, 2015 TWO other victims CAME forward!!! You won’t believe what happened!

Watch the story continue to unfold on KOB HERE!

*Cynthia Rael was interviewed for this story, all rights to what has happened to her remain her own. Steven Rael aka Xae Sanchez has not been convicted of a crime and remains innocent of all charges until found guilty by a court of law. All opinions stated in this blog are that of the author’s alone.

©  Wendi Bear 2015

Wendi Bear is a published author. Her books are available on


  1. This kind of thing has become a major form of abuse especially for women. I had someone do something similar to me (but not as bad), the impacts on victims are huge!

    The police and the law are way behind with all of this – but starting to get an awareness, we have to make lots of noise, raise awareness and achieve tougher policing and penalties, so thank you for your blog, we all need it.


      1. Thanks, no not any more, all behind me now (I hope) but still very wary of social media because he can always come back. That fear never completely goes away!


    1. Well i Hope that cythina confesses to being diagnosed with bipolar personality disorder as well as all the psych meds she is currently taking to the news crew.. Because if she wants to accuse someone of something so terrible everyone needs to know about her as well..


        1. Well i Hope that cythina confesses to being diagnosed with bipolar personality disorder as well as all the psych meds she is currently taking to the news crew.. Because if she wants to accuse someone of something so terrible everyone needs to know about her as well..


  2. That’s crazy… I new Cynthia years ago and she was as sick and twisted as she speaks here… Always cheating on her husband with different men all the time…. Going and doing dances for extra cash… I wouldn’t be surprised if this sick chic was behind the whole deal. She is on meds for bipolar and has been for years… She is just as sick…


    1. Im bi-polar and i dont make shit up. Thats a bullshit “out” to talk shit on the person and feel justifiable For it. They alwayz to “crazy” because it dismissive.


  3. Thats some bullshit. That dude has an ass whooping coming. I not saying I’ll kick his ass. Just that the “way” will lead him their.


  4. Tina, I’m going to tell you the same thing I told “Nathan” there. What you are doing is called “vilifying the victim!” That will NOT be tolerated on MY SITE!!

    Get your pathetic ass off my page!!


  5. She’s just as sick and disgusting as that creep… Cant make a whore into a house wife… JS she’s not as innocent as she makes herself seem… BIPOLAR.


    1. You aren’t fooling anyone Steven. We all know it’s you and we are all laughing at your pathetic attempts to continue to bash Cynthia. Get a life you twisted freak! Enjoy what’s left of your freedom because you are going to be locked up for a LONG TIME!!

      You have been exposed!!!


    2. 3300 people have visited my site today and read this story so far and the day isn’t even close to finished. People from over 30 countries. The world now knows who you are. If I were you, I’d be hiding. Not siting here making a bigger fool out of yourself.


  6. I know that you guys just posted this as a shout out and to let people know what was going on… But think about this -the more people that see that this and find out the the police cannot do anything about because no laws were or are being broken just like channel 4 said, the more people you are making into victims… People don’t think about the consequences.. This might have just opened up a pandoras box of crazies.. If it happened to this chic it can happen to you.. I would not post things like ot take it to the news where they will report what happens. and it looks like nothing can be done.. So think about it, I know i have plenty of enemies and i don’t want them doing this to me, because they can… Please please think about this..


    1. You are absolutely right Laverne! Victims should just shut their mouths and continue to be victimized! Sociopaths should be allowed to ruin peoples lives and the rest of us shouldn’t speak up because that causes “waves.”

      Waves make gutless people like you nervous, don’t they Laverne? Society can go ahead and be over run with people like Steven and the rest of us should just shut our traps, and let it happen.

      Is that correct? Let children be brutally molested. Let women be raped. Let people be murdered in cold blood and as long as we all keep quiet about it, maybe we can just ignore it all and be happy in our “own ways.” In our own little bubbles of denial.

      Oh wait! Those things are illegal, aren’t they??? Hmmm… how did they become illegal I wonder?

      Apparently you don’t understand this article but if you read it a little more carefully, the police can’t to anything RIGHT NOW, however, there is a new law being passed (the link is up there in the comments) that WILL make the abuse of using victim’s photos illegal VERY SOON.

      Even though the police can’t do anything RIGHT NOW, if we make enough noise perhaps it will help further along the passing of that little law. Steven already has a criminal record and the detectives already have a long list of victims that have come forward.

      You, Laverne, are EXACTLY what is wrong with society. Weak people like you, not people, but SHEEP! Sheep who choose to stand idly by and allow GOOD people to be abused. Why??? Because you are too scared to stand up for what’s right.

      If we shout the injustice at the top of our lungs maybe we can save others from also being brutally victimized and having their lives destroyed.

      Or…like you said Laverne, we can all just be quiet and live in fear for the rest of our lives in order to protect our selfish little bubbles.


      1. ‘The victims that have came forward’ are just as sick fucking minded as these two ediots. Just proves how sick minded people are to go to someone’s house. Nasty… And she’s a nasty dirty cheating whore, she knows who the fuck I am..


  7. Just because he wasn’t charged with anything yet doesn’t mean he won’t be soon. Internet crimes is watching his ip addrees. They will find a law that he’s broken soon enough.


  8. I think “Laverne” is also Steven and now he’s passive/aggressively threatening me.

    If so, I killed my reputation all by myself a long time ago dude!!!

    Google me!

    I already can’t get corporate jobs..and beyond that I have all the power of exposure right here… If you attack me next, I’ll just write about it here and hit the news stations myself.

    All controversy IS GOOD publicity in my book.



  9. It’s great how many aunts and uncles that have already reached out to show me support. He’s gonna have to move away again. In San Diego he has a warrant so maybe that’s not a good place.


  10. Steven should join the group of sociopaths and narcissists that already have it out for me.

    There is an entire fan club of them already!!!

    It’s funny, they all speak in the same exact manor too. Like machines. They are entirely predictable. All the same exact lines… Like soulless robots.

    You figure out one, you have figured out them all. Seriously, it’s so laughable.

    …I can’t wait for some of my usual trolls to get in on this.

    Calling you out Matthew, Frankie, Linda…hello????


  11. funny how much shit is being talked about Steven but everyone thinks about how much of a saint Cynthia Rael is.. Her family convinced a family member from her husbands side of the family to sign for a car, then they they didn’t pay on it like they said they would and it got repo’d ruining the credit of this family member… There are always two sides of the story, but it’s obvious that Cynthia is behind this entire scam..


  12. What? Lol I remember Steven selling a car to his own cousin Bryan then decided to go and repo it. Haha Steven you are such a loser. I hope you have fun in jail. BTW Bryan wants his money back for the car you sold him then stole back. Everyone is tired of you. Get a hint.


  13. Steven what you are now doing is called deflection…and still..trying to villainize the victim.

    Typical sociopath behavior 101

    Text book.

    The only thing obvious is that you are a shell of a human being who lacks empathy, morals and normal human emotion.


  14. What would I get out of sending strange men to your address with my photos. I didn’t even know where you lived until someone told me they had an encounter with you and it turned out to be your mom’s house. If you are talking about the infinity…. we paid that off years ago. Lmao you obviously don’t know shit.


  15. You are still hiding behind a fake name. Wow grow some balls dude. Haha you are so lame it’s hilarious. You need help dude. I think you have some real issues going on.


  16. Cynthia how about all the lawsuits and evictions you have had over the years, the courts don’t make anyone pay restitution for doing nothing.. and just an FYI this isn’t Steven, shows really how much you know, or how much you THINK you know…..


  17. Lol keep going dude. You are showing everyone exactly how pathetic you are. Next you’re gonna say I murdered someone. Haha Please go on….


  18. I ask everyone to ignore Steven for now on. He’s worse than a small child crying for attention. No reason to give him what he wants.

    *Any negative post just assume it’s from him.

    Now, everyone in Albuquerque, get your popcorn ready and find a nice place on the couch to enjoy your 10 o’clock news programming on KOB Channel 4!!! I will post the video once it is up!!


  19. Wendi….love your responses and really some of the ones from certain people are laughable…..grabbing their asses and trying to deflect and vilify…..kind of reminds me of kindergarten….some people stay stuck in that frame of mind! Waaaaahhhhh! Poor babies.


    1. I’m going to figure out how to work to try and make it law in the US and how to petition the courts and all that. Can you send me any links, or info describing the law and what all it protects?


  20. There is a definite way to get this guy to stop using your photos in his ads. Whoever took the photos owns the copyright and can force whoever is using them to take them down or they can be sued for copyright infringement. Have a legal send a takedown notice and if they fail to comply then you can sue for a lot of money as it’s will full copyright infringement.

    Not: Not a lawyer just a photographer that often has to send takedown notices.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Nobody is going to like my comment. But I think the obvious has to be said: If this incident doesn’t give people reason enough to question whether it is a good idea to post pictures of themselves and family members ( including babies) on social media sites, then eventually the blame has to be placed on the people falling victim to the sociopaths.
    You were warned a few years ago that the Government collects all of your data and stores it on huge servers. They spy on you, and companies like google, dropbox, yahoo, and especially Facebook sell your information to intelligence agencies.

    You can’t blame Naïveté forever. Those social media sites think of people as morons- They understand human behavior better than you do and they know you will do stupid things just to get noticed.If you want to do something positive to prevent victims, go out and meet people. Stop living your life through your phones and cyberspace. Stop giving power to people you’ve never met.


    1. I agree with you that people should get off their phones and back into the real world. However this is a family member doing this to her Marco. He’s not a stranger.


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