“Talented, Beautiful, Up-and-Coming Singer Brutally Smear Campaigned

and Sued by Cowardly Narcissist.”


“Singer’s Reputation Ruined with Lies, Career Destroyed, Wallet Emptied by Former Drummer,

 Fights for Her Innocence!”


Those above are what the headlines SHOULD have said.

Instead, national publications such as the New York Post printed disgusting headlines that read:

Singer Sued for Being Too Ugly!


Pink Cover Band ‘Ruined’ by Bad, Ugly Singer, $10M Lawsuit Claims

How could someone with a future as bright as Collette’s have everything she worked so hard for her entire life be taken away at a snap of a finger? Was it her accuser’s fault for filing the

frivolous law suits?

Or does the real blame lie in the

hateful acts of the media?

Collette McLafferty grew up in Westchester, Illinois. Even at a young age she knew that music was to be her life-long passion. “I started out doing community theatre and I sang in the choir. I also played saxophone and piano,” she told me.

At age 16, Collette had booked her first major role as “Judas” in the Circle Theater production of Jesus Christ Super Star. The responses she received from her friends and family were positive and supportive despite that the role itself was considered a bit controversial.

By the time she was 18, Collette had enrolled in the Chicago Academy for the Arts and was accepted. “I would perform around the city. I actually got to sing the Star Spangled Banner for (the band) Kid N Play. That was in 1991.”

The next two years, Collette toured with American Family Theatre, “The nation’s premier producer of musicals for families and young audiences. I went to an open call. Then moved to New York and studied at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy.”

By 1998, she had landed her first major job, singing in commercials on the ever popular Saturday Morning Cartoon Lineup!



At age 23, Collette founded the band she named, edibleRed. “We were signed to Select Records in 2005 after years of playing in the east coast. Heres the crazy part, Kid N Play was on that label in their hey-day!
So Kid N Play ended up being my label mates years later. We put out our first and only record with them in 2007. We toured Holland and got onto MTV Networks . {We} toured on and off for that record for 2 years. {Our song} ‘Sugar and Spring’ got onto MTV Latino in 2007. {By} 2009 ‘Hey Ya’ was on MTV Buzzworthy and MTV Canada’s Sucker Free.”

Should you have any doubt about Collette’s talent and adorable physical features, this video will rid you of that:

‘Hey Ya’ was an Outkast cover. Sucker Free was a famous Hip Hop show. Because we were a rock band crossing over doing a hip hop cover, they featured us along side P. Diddy and Paul Wall.”

Collette appeared on Holland’s Radio 1 while overseas touring, and was interviewed:

Unfortunately, not long after the interview, the band parted ways. They had performed together for over 10 years.

In 2011 Collette began her journey as a cover artist. She received amazing reviews as a Finalist on Next Broadway Star. She also extended her talents into helping others through vocal coaching and demo work.

“I started singing other peoples stuff. {I} went more underground, but {I} was working all the time and very happy!”

That holiday season, she appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, along with Claire Danes, singing Christmas Carols!

(That’s Collette in the green dress.)


“I was also cast in an off Broadway show called Europa. It sold out at The Kraine Theatre. I had the lead and played oppositte Paulie Z from the TV show ZROCK. It was around this time I got really into cover bands. I was working in 5 {different} bands when I was asked to do {perform in} the P!NK Tribute Band. That was late 2013. We rehearsed on and off for several weeks going into 2014.” Collette was 40 years old.

Sounds like a dream come true for a future super star, doesn’t it? Unfortunately Collette’s world was just days away from to crumbling all around her.

“I was offered a {temporary singing position} job in a P!NK Tribute band by the bass player, unaware that the drummer did not want me. Months later, I was told the drummer had quit. I was offered the job again and accepted on a short term, temporary basis. I wasn’t a member of the band, but an employee. Apparently there was very bad blood between the two.”

Not long after playing her very first show, the threatening letters began pouring in. They were

from the jealous and vengeful

former drummer

of the cover band whom also happened

to be an attorney.

We {the band} rehearsed for several weeks when I started getting CC’d on cease and desist letters by the ex drummer for {the rights to} the band’s current name {Reservoir Dogs}.”

In an attempt to avoid any legal trouble, the band changed their original name. However this did not stop the raging former drummer/attorney from his harassment.

“He would file for a trademark {for each new name} after the bass player would announce a gig with {it}. This happened twice.”

The continuing threats were no laughing matter.

“The cease and desist letters suggested that there could be jail time, fines in the millions, tax liens, frozen assets etc {all} as a result of performing under those {particular} names.”

She wasn’t kidding either! The complainant was seeking $10,000,000 plus legal fees! Sounds completely absurd, right?

Frightened, Collette’s bass player consulted with a lawyer who gave the band the go-ahead to play their shows under their new assumed name, “Funhouse“. Feeling a sense of relief, they went ahead and played their first show together.

Collette was paid only $75 for her first gig.

“After Rik {the bass player} changed the name to Funhouse, {the scorned drummer} filed another cease and desist for that name.”

He was now suing the band for both NEW names!

“I immediately quit {the band} and signed a memorandum of law stating I was out. I also stated I didn’t need to own any name associated with the P!NK Tribute band and that I was {just} a hired gun. I missed a filing date because I didn’t know what I was doing. My lawyer asked for an extension, he {the judge} denied it. He {the drummer} then sent me an email to my lawyer stating that if I thought getting sued once {twice} was inconvenient, I would hate a second {third} lawsuit for defamation of character. At this point, my legal fees were up to over $3,000. It seemed like there was no way out. My lawyer told me we could be in the court system for a couple years.”

With the advice of her own attorney, Collette then made the hard decision to seek help from the press.

“The point was just to get a quick blurb in the paper in hopes he would drop it {the case}. So I talked to the New York Post because they had written about me in the past.”

Unfortunately the nightmare was just beginning. Instead of helping her cause, The New York Post decided to make a laughing stock out of Collette in hopes of selling copies!

“Instead of writing bout the TRUE nature of the case, they wrote the ‘Singer Sued for Being Too Old and Too Ugly’ version of it.”

The New York Post picked up the lines, “too unattractive” and “lousy singer” from the court documents. You can see the original document here.

The story went viral and was distributed worldwide. Collette was devastated. Not only had her reputation been destroyed but she was no longer being considered for hire anywhere in her life-long profession!

“The story that went viral was that I got sued for being too ugly, too old, not hot enough, a terrible singer, off key etc. I was painted as this terrible American Idol reject. In reality I am a professional singer who makes my living this way. I’ve sung on commercials, had record deals. Once it went viral, he {the drummer} all of a sudden wanted to drop it under the circumstances that I never speak about it publicly again.”

But it was already too late.

“This video was on Select Records. It was being played on MTV Latino and The L Word,”

“At that point, defending myself became a full time job. I stopped auditioning because I didn’t have time. I had to spend hours researching the legal system. Also, I was supposed to take a buyout from my landlord. He was going to give me money to move and I was looking into purchasing a home.”

Collette’s world continued to crash down, just as she was supposed to be rising up to fame!

“Then I got sued. I couldn’t take the {housing} buyout because I was in litigation so I ended up living in the middle of construction instead for several months. So, I’m getting sued for 10 million dollars, the papers are saying it’s because I am too old and too ugly and there are hammers in my ear every morning at 8:00 AM.”

You can watch one of the news stories below.

Although Arise Xchange stood up for Collette nobody else would, including the New York post who defamed her to begin with. “Arise Xchange stood up for me, but they also reported the ‘Old and Ugly’ story. The crew laughed at it. I reached out to Andrew, the host and told him his story was off, but that I appreciated the support. He asked for my {phone} number to fix the story, but never called. During this time, I was still working as a singer, but not as much. I started focusing on lawsuit Reform. I started working with The Lawsuit Reform Alliance. They decided to propose a bill called Collettes Law.”

You can view more on the law HERE.

However, the always amazing Perez Hilton did his best to help soften the blow on Collette.

Once again, Collette reached out to the New York Post, this time with an explanation of the new law. “I asked if they would please write {more} about this {my case} and give me some positive press. I explained the first article was a bit defaming and not great for my career. I had to work really hard to spin that.”

Although they did a nicer job the second go-around, the headline remained just as insulting.

“Musician Sued for Being Too Ugly Trying to Eliminate Silly Lawsuits”

Seriously NYP?!?!?!?!?!

“That journalist actually apologized for (the headline and) he said it was the editors doing.”

FOX9 followed up with their own piece on “Collette’s Law.”


And the famous Shirley Manson, from the band Garbage, also stood up for Collette.



Though, it didn’t matter much now. The stress and emotional turmoil had taken it’s toll on the poor singer. She acquired an overwhelming anxiety disorder that disrupted and controlled her everyday life. The once hopeful and outgoing future starlette had become a bed-ridden hermit, a mere shell of herself. Though she sought help from professional therapists, she was turned down because none of them wanted to be dragged into the legal case. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE POWER THIS NARCISSISTIC AND IRRATIONAL MAN HAS BEING EDUCATED IN THE LAW???After being locked indoors for several weeks, she gained enough strength to continue her fight.

“The New York Post had actually written about it {my story} a third time when I started a new countersuit. I wrote to them on several occasions to let them know that my age had NOTHING to do with the lawsuit, yet the newspaper had the words “Too Old and Ugly Collette McLafferty” underneath my picture.


Once again her old enemy, the NYP, had created a story that went viral and many more large presses (such as Hollywood.com and Star UK) all reported it again with similar headlines.

Collette had not received an audition in over a year and the call-backs from singing jobs she had applied for plummeted.

“Before when people googled me, they would find MTV, edibleRed, and european tours {I had done}, it was clear I was a professional! Now {all} they find is too old, ugly, untalented, and off key.”

After 21 years as a professional singer in New York, Collette has no choice but to give up on her dreams and leave. Although the New York Post promised to remove the word old from their articles and headlines, they never did.

“I’ve decided to start heavily speaking out against ageism in the music industry and I am encouraging others to do the same.”

With the advice of an online therapist who eventually did accept to help Collette as a patient, she started a personal blog to not only give her back a voice but to write as a therapeutic way of healing. You can visit Collette’s AMAZING blog, “Confessions of a Bad, Ugly Singer”  HERE. She will also be publishing her first novel soon, so keep a close eye out!

The Lawsuit Reform Alliance of New York invited Collette to speak at their annual meeting. They are currently putting her story up in front of New York Senators and Councilmen. They are helping her to find a sponsor for the bill as well as getting the story out in legal focused media outlets in the city of Albany.

Capital Tonight Interview: Collette McLafferty Discusses Outrageous and Offensive Lawsuit

“The general public does not have a reasonable grasp on the legal system. Educational resources that apply to the common civilian are few and far between. This is a problem because anyone can get sued at any time for doing absolutely nothing wrong.” Collette concludes, “This is first and foremost a political story. I have also been able to speak to other lawsuit abuse victims.”

“It can steal years of your life from you,” she warns.

  • If this story has touched you, like it has myself, please share it on as many outlets as you can!
  • Contact the New York post directly and demand that they clean up their posts about Collette at: letters@nypost.com
  • Contact: Time, Yahoo News, UPI, Perez Hilton, Daily Mail UK, Star UK and DEMAND that they share THIS STORY instead!
  • If you have your own story to tell that needs media attention feel free to contact me, the author at: AlsoIHateDonuts@Gmail.com
  • Follow Collette’s blog at: confessionsofabaduglysinger@wordpress.com
  • Contact Collette directly at: ediblered2@gmail.com
  • If you need support from Narcissistic/Sociopathic/Psychopathic Abuse here are a few places to start: After Narcissistic Abuse & Dating a Sociopath

*The story of what has happened to Collette McLafferty remains her own. All material included in this post, was given permission for me to use from Collette directly. I interviewed Collette for this article on May 28, 2015. Opinions in this article are that of the author’s alone and contain no legal grounds. All subjects in this article remain innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

*Wendi Bear is a published author and copies of her work can be found HERE.

©Wendi Bear, Electrikiss.com 2015

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  3. Collette you are too amazingly talented to get tripped up by people with small minds and distorted egos. It will pass and truth will prevail!

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