Last year my son’s sociopathic “father” took me to court for custody of my son. Not because he actually wanted custody mind you, but because he was mad that he had been court ordered to pay child support earlier in the year. With him he brought along a slew of flying monkeys ranging from his newest supply girlfriend, to his mother, sister, brother in law, a (no longer) mutual friend of ours and of course, his “bud” in the wheel chair for maximum sympathy.

I went alone.

After a day of hell, the intelligent judge allowed me to keep my full custody since pretty much, up until that day, my son’s father had shown little to no interest in his son.

(You know, after the six months it took me to convince him to take a paternity test after denying completely he had knocked me up.) 

He was granted a temporary order for two hour visits twice a week and to have him every other weekend (I HAD allowed him visitation EVERY WEEKEND prior to the order ANY time he had asked). He of course never acknowledged this and celebrated his Victory? on Facebook after the trial.

Fast forward a year and a half….

Despite my asking him politely not to several times, my son’s father regularly took my son to visit my grandmother. As a matter of fact, last Thursday he showed up driving my dead grandpa’s car (which he conveniently parked down the block so I wouldn’t see him in it) sneaky-sneaky and then drove my son over to my grandmother’s for dinner. Not only does she cook for my son’s dad and loan him my dead grandpa’s car, she also gives him money every time she see’s him as a “thank you” for his sneaky behavior.

So, today, I finally had to cut off those weekday visitations until he can honor my request to stop taking my son there. That’s it!

“Oh what a heartless bitch you much be Wendi, trying to keep your son away from his old and lonely great grandma! What an amazing man his dad must be for standing up to you!” I know you are thinking.

(Ha! This is the FIRST time I have ever stood up.)

However, I want my readers to know this is honestly the ONLY request I have ever made of his father regarding my son. Well, besides child support…

Now, I decided to stop responding to his texts tonight as to not feed into his ego any longer.

To answer your lingering questions Andy, here are 12 reasons you need to KEEP MY SON AWAY FROM MEL:

Why Melberta Jones is a threat to myself and my children:

1. Started a kitchen fire in 2012 by leaving her toaster on a lit burner. She constantly leaves the stove and the oven on without realizing it, sometimes over night.
2. Driving recklessly. I personally was in the car with her on more than one occasion where she could not see other drivers and pulled out onto on-coming traffic, barely avoiding a wreck.
3. Driving in a car on the freeway without putting my son in a booster seat when he was just five years old because she “forgot.”
4. Buying my son pets on more than one occasion after I specifically asked her not to. Throwing a tantrum in front of my son and calling me a “horrible mother” for not allowing them into my home. (We have 6 rats, a dog and 10? fish already)
5. Constantly criticizing my parenting including an incident where she did not approve of my daughter being in “time-out”. She verbally assaulted me, then physically assaulted me in front of my children, leaving deep nail wounds in my arms. I attempted to close the bedroom door to block her abuse. As the door shut, she fell on the other side of it. When I opened the door and attempted to help her up she accused me of pushing her.
6. Allowing her daughter, Linda Cridland, to move into our home and into my son’s room the day my grandfather died after not speaking to her for several years.
7. Linda and Melberta called child protective services on me and filed a fraudulent claim of child neglect against me the day my grandfather died. The case was investigated and closed when the reports were proved to be untrue.
8. The day after my grandfather was buried, Melberta and Linda asked me and my children to move out of the house I had grown up in and lived in my entire life. Because my children and I had no where to go, I declined to leave. In an effort to have me forcibly removed and to take control of my grandparents estate, Linda took Melberta to the Orange County Court house that morning and filed a fraudulent claim of elderly abuse against me and requested a restraining order. Because I was called and warned of their motives I moved out that day. Because I was gone, neither saw any reason to ever have me legally served and the order was dropped. Because of this, my children and myself remained homeless for several months.
9. When my son is in her home, Melberta feeds him an excess of fatty foods such as several Mc Donald’s hamburgers in a row despite the fact she is aware my son is under doctors orders to eat healthy. When I ask that she refrain from doing so she tells me in front of my son that I am “a horrible and abusive mother.”
10. The last time I let my son visit Melberta he had had an accident in his pants that she did not notice. She gave him a bath despite the fact I was to be picking him up in the early evening and he did not have his pajama’s at her house. He greeted me in her driveway naked. I noted the rash on his bottom from where the feces had sat in his underwear the duration of this visit. Melberta noticed it as well but insisted that I had been “beating” him. She asked me if I had, in front of my son. I told her that it was a rash from the feces. Melberta did not accept my explanation and asked my son the same question. He told her that I do not spank him. Melberta still insisted that I had harmed my son and began screaming at me in front of him. I directed my son into my car and we left. That was the last time I allowed any visitation.
11. Melberta testified in court against me in my custody case with my daughter and lied under oath, telling the court that I abused both her and my children. I lost custody of my daughter partially due to her false testimony and false paperwork for the restraining order that was never served.
12. Denying her illness. Melberta is no longer mentally sound. I have lived with her my entire life and as of 2012 she has not been the woman who raised me. I noticed signs of dementia in her as early as 2007. Sometimes she knows me and other times she thinks I am her daughter Linda and my son Paxton is me as a child she is trying to protect. I have asked that other relatives help find her help but all deny her instability as they fight over their inheritance and her estate.

*I no longer accept any guilt about not wanting my children round her. 

So yes Andy, even though your temporary visitation order has expired, I was continuing to keep the arrangement as a curtsy to you because I do believe it’s important my son has a relationship with his father even if he is a lying narcissist.

Frank. You will be next.

11 thoughts on “Mommy Get’s a Say In It. Douche.

  1. I empathize with you. Not sympathize but EMPATHIZE. You inspire me to post a story earlier than I thought I ever would. Keep an eye out sweetpea, The next post is post you. Sparkle thoughts to your strength gorgeous.

  2. Fortunately for you the court saw through the bullshit. I thought it was low of him to bring a sympathy bud in a wheelchair but realize someone had to carry the beer cooler.

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