Gerby crossed the rainbow bridge this morning around 10 am. Thank you everyone for all your support. 

If you can’t donate, please share this post!

Gerber will die this week without your help! He needs funds TODAY! I rescued this beautiful doll faced Persian 5 months ago after his owner had passed away of old age. The shelter told me that Gerber simply needed a special urinary food to keep him healthy prior to adoption. A week ago Gerby stopped eating regularly. I took him to a vet down the street from my house, they suggested a new brand of food. That didn’t seem to make a difference. Today I took Gerby to a trusted vet (who amputated the leg of a dog I fostered and crowd funded for last year who’s life was saved thanks to your donations). After blood work and a read through of Gerber’s previous health records, the trusted vet was astounded that Gerby had not been already on fluids! I couldn’t afford the needed hospital stay today and payed every penny in my bank account to desperately try outpatient help. Gerby is severely dehydrated and needs ongoing fluids and medicine injections to keep him alive. It’s not fair that he was abandoned after the death of his loving owner, and less fair that he’s been suffering from a condition that is easily treatable. Though he may never make a full recovery, your donation can help keep this sweet cat alive for years to come. Gerby is a gentle soul who loves nothing more than lying in the morning sun and purring under the touch of a soft hand. I ask if you can donate ANYTHING AT ALL to save his life, please do. If you can not afford to, please share this campaign. Thank you for the time you spent reading my plea.

7 thoughts on “RIP Gerber Thanks for all your help ♡

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  2. I have found a few lists of resources and other resources that may or may not be of help to Gerber. You might have tried them all already but I thought I’d send the links along in case any of them could help him:

    Posted by Dachshund Rescue South Florida on Saturday, August 25, 2012









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