The House Guest From Hell



UPDATE: With the help of a news crew, SHE’S GONE!

UPDATE: Ann Marie (Anna Roncati) is running a scam for cash on her facebook page using her dying dog! Don’t be fooled. I reached out to the rescue and they confirmed that they have never heard of her and have asked her to remove this posting.

Back in March of 2019, I had a “friend” call me up hysterical. She told me she would be homeless and was going to a homeless shelter, her 17-year-old, cancer ridden dog was going to have to go to the pound where he would be euthanized If I didn’t help her. She was living in a house in Florida that was unsafe and the landlord moved in “illegal immigrants” that were stealing her belongings.She just needed to get out to California because her “CBD Company” AthletixCBD was about to take off. She even had a friend willing to rent her a truck to travel across country. All she needed a place to land for a few days. She promised she would work immediately and was getting a large sum of money from “investors.” Why, she was even partnered with a celebrity and his hemp farm! But I’m a sucker with a giant heart so against my better judgement I told Ann Marie Lynch she could crash here a few weeks to get situated and out of that “terrible” situation.After all, I Had been homeless before and I knew the struggle! It took me five years to get back onto my feet after my divorce. But I also told her it was a temporary solution as the Irvine company apartment I rent from does not allow long-term guests and I didn’t plan to put her on my lease. She said she was forever grateful and promised to be out as soon as possible.She arrived here aroundMarch 1, 2019 late at night and didn’t empty her car until the following day. I was at work. My eleven-year-old called me hysterical, “Ann Marie is screaming and going crazy because someone ‘stole’ her shoes.” As it turned out, Ann Marie misplaced the box behind the rental car. I let it go assuming she was not herself because of the cross-country drive.Soon, days turned into weeks and I hinted to Ann Marie it was time for her to go.Every day she had another excuse; “No one will hire me, I’m too old.” “The money will be here tomorrow!” “The money will be here Friday!” “I’m moving out this week.” “Conrad Roncati (her ex boyfriend) is renting me a truck.” “I just need to get to the farmer’s market.” I gave her permission to use my car (she slept through the farmer’s markets).More lies upon lies as the days progressed.Meanwhile, she stole my prescription anxiety medication and spent her days sleeping on my sofa. She “borrowed” my association key and let herself into my community pools while I was at work.Her nights were spent chain smoking on my patio (another violation of my lease) and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. She used my address without my permission to collect food stamps and free medical care (YOUR MONEY, TAX PAYERS!).She went in for “dental surgery” (another reason she couldn’t move). It was so debilitating she rode her bicycle home afterwards and produced several bottles of painkillers to add to the mix.Among her thievery was any money she could find in my apartment. Be it from my change jar, my kid’s piggy bank or my purse. She also loves chocolate. You should have seen my eleven-year-old crying discovering her Oreo’s were eaten yet again.Even though Ann Marie now receives food stamps, she spent that money on $6 a pound ground lean turkey and chicken for her dog to have 3 times a day. This dog is dying of cancer and in obvious pain with tumors all over his body. Ann Marie tied dental floss to the sores, which led to trails of blood all over my carpet. She refuses to crate him and my carpets are now destroyed because of his lack of bladder control. He is suffering, but she insists her CBD oil (that she doesn’t have access to by the way) is the magic cure for his terminal cancer.I have asked this woman to leave on multiple occasions. She has never given me a penny for anything but continues to live off of me. I tried to be nice in the beginning by lying, and telling her I needed to rent a room out, needing money. She said she understood and would find a place to live.She had a move out date of May 10, 2019. Every day that week I reminded her it was almost time to go, and even brought her home boxes to start packing. She threw all the boxes in the trash. On the 9th she decided to have “oral surgery” and then insisted she was too ill to leave.On the evening of May 10, 2019, I told her to leave immediately. She refused.On Saturday, May 11, 2019 Ann Marie called the Irvine police on me for telling her to leave. An officer came to my apartment and told me that she was legally allowed to stay and was now considered a tenant and had rights to my property!How could this be? She’s not on my lease, in fact she’s a violation of my lease!I was advised to seek a temporary restraining order and serve her an eviction notice but I couldn’t do it until the court houses opened again on Monday. I was told by the officer that I legally had to continue to pay all utilities and supportAnn Marie in the way she had become accustomed to! WTF?!?! We weren’t married! She had only been here about 7 weeks.I offered to put Ann Marie up in a hotel for one week and even move her belongings for her. She refused. Two other people made her the same offer. She refused them as well.Out of desperation, I installed locks on both my child and my bedrooms and secured what I could of our belongings inside.Monday, May 13, 2019, I spent 8 hours at the Harbor justice center filing a restraining order against her.The judge denied it.

I then collected the paperwork for an eviction but was out of time to file. They told me to come back the next day.I put my child to bed, locked our bedroom doors and went for a run around the neighborhood. When I returned home Ann Marie insisted by text message I move my car because it was “blocking access to her dog’s stroller.” I ignored her texts and once again she called the police on me.Two Irvine police officers arrived. They told me they would not arrest me if I locked her out of my home, but Ann Marie would probably sue me for illegal eviction.That was fine by me. At this point I just needed my home and sanity back for not just myself but my child. So I locked the door.The police advised me to go back to court to file an eviction and then take the paperwork to my landlord. They said because of circumstances of Ann Marie not being a paying tenant, I’d most likely be granted a 3-day eviction.The police then said they would escort Ann Marie inside to gather her purse and immediate belongings. I agreed. This was a trick.Once inside, she smirked and said she wasn’t leaving. I offered her $100 cash to leave for the night and get a hotel room. She refused.May 15, 2019 I awoke early and was back at the courthouse by 8:00 am. There I was told I couldn’t file a 3-day eviction because Ann Marie was NOT a paying tenant and they reserved those for people who didn’t pay rent. I could only serve her a 30-day notice and then file a complaint if she didn’t leave after 30 days. The process might take up to 70 days to have her thrown out by the sheriff. They also advised me to tell my landlord.This is what I gave to the court:Ann Marie Lynch came to visit my residence at ——- in early March 2019, roughly 10 weeks ago. She told me she was homeless and had nowhere to go and if I didn’t let her stay then she would have to go to a homeless shelter and her senior dog would be put to sleep. I told Ann Marie that she could come, but my lease with Irvine Company only allows visitors for 4 weeks [just found it’s 10 days]. I also informed her that my lease does not allow dogs, other than visiting.On April 18, 2019 I sent Ann Marie a text message telling her she needed to find another place to stay. I also reminded her in person several times that she needed to leave as my lease did not allow visitors for more than 4 weeks. On May 4, 2019 Ann Marie told me she had two places she could go and promised to be out of my residence by May 10, 2019 by text message.

On May 11, 2019 I told Ann Marie she needed to leave immediately. She refused and called the Irvine police. The officer also asked Ann Marie to vacate and again she refused. I offered to move her belongings for her (90% clothing and shoes) to a Motel 6 and pay one weeks rent. She refused my offer and insisted that she is now a co-tenant and has rights to my property. I served her a 30 eviction notice by email as was instructed by the police officer. Ann Marie is a danger to my children and me, and I need her out of my home immediately.
-On April 2, 2019 Ann Marie accompanied me to my grandmother’s house. My grandfather recently passed away and we were there helping her sort though his belongings. Ann Marie wandered into my grandfather’s bedroom. She returned with his gun and pointed it at us, chuckling.
-Ann Marie has stolen from my children and me. She has taken money from my change jars, wallet and kids piggy banks to buy alcohol and cigarettes.
-Ann Marie has stolen my prescription anxiety medications. I have been without medication and have been having anxiety attacks. I also have a heart condition and high blood pressure. The stress of having her here has caused my heart to go into an irregular beat (atrial fibrillation) and I fear that I may have a cardiac arrest or stroke.
-I cannot afford to have Ann Marie in my home; she helps herself to my family’s food and runs the air conditioner non-stop. She is now collecting food stamps from the state (used my address without consent). She spends the majority on ground turkey meat which she feeds to her dog 3 times a day, and then consumes my children’s food herself.
-Ann Marie spends her days sleeping on my couch and her nights on my patio chain smoking cigarettes. I live in a non-smoking community and this is another violation of my lease. I have had neighbors complain to the office.
-Ann Marie is often high off her prescribed pain killers, my anxiety meds and alcohol. When she is drinking she becomes belligerent and has threatened to hit me on several occasions. She screams so loud it terrifies my 11 year-old daughter. She also leaves the gas burners and the oven on regularly.
-In the time that she has been here, no money has exchanged hands. She has never paid for any rent or bills. She is not on my lease. I am worried her being here will cause my family to be evicted.
-Ann Marie has stolen my association key and pretends to be me. She uses it at our local pools. I am frightened that her behavior will get me banned from the association.
-Ann Marie is unstable. I am afraid that she will harm my family out of retaliation. She thinks that she is entitled to my apartment and has no empathy for the fact that I am a single mother who works 6 to 7 days a week just to keep a roof over my kids head.
-I had to I install keyed locks on our bedroom doors to secure my children and I in our rooms when Ann Marie is home, and our valuables when we are not. My 11 year-old arrives home from school 3 hours before I get home from work. It is not safe for her to be alone with Ann Marie. I am now scared I may lose my job due to having to leave early to be with my child and the stress all of this is causing.

I came home, served Ann Marie the 30-day eviction and then took all the documentation to my landlord.Well, guess what? Because I DO have a lease and am in violation, they will serve ME a 3-day eviction! So, I am now being evicted and this house guest from hell gets to keep MY apartment for free while she waits out an eviction process that could take up to 7 months (according to Irvine PD).I have lived in this community for 3 years and have never once been late on a rent payment. But now, because I helped a “friend” my child and I are about to be evicted and homeless!I was home, locked in my room for about two hours today trying to figure out what to do when I opened my door to use the restroom. It was already occupied by you know who. At the same time I noticed her dog about to piss on my carpet. I opened the front door and was taking him outside when Ann Marie came out of the bathroom. She saw me with the dog and shoved me into the door, cutting open my foot while screaming, “Help me! Call 911!”

I quickly ran into the bedroom and called Irvine police myself.For the THIRD TIME they came out and again explained the eviction process to me. They told me that if there’s another “altercation” they would arrest us both, and it is in my best interest to continue to lock myself and child in our rooms until the evictions.How can this be legal? Any squatter has THE LEGAL RIGHT to take over YOUR HOME in YOUR NAME that YOU PAY FOR and get you and your children thrown out on the streets!THIS IS INJUSTICE!!!She is not on my lease, we didn’t have a contract verbal or otherwise and she never paid me a penny! She lives a parasitic lifestyle and I am certain I am not her first victim!PLEASE share this story and sign this petition! Help me get this sociopath out of my home!*If you have been a victim of Ann Marie Lynch, please come forward so we can press charges on this criminal together!This is how my child and I are living:

Sign the Petition!!I locked her out and left for the night. She broke in.If you want to donate, I’m now getting desperate: locked her out and she broke in last night:

I even found places for her to go!



  1. If she weren’t white, would you have let her in? Why would you let some random stranger stay in your home? Most people who have lived in CA for a while should know how dangerous it is to let people stay with them too long. There’s been plenty of local news stories about squatters from hell in this state.


    1. Thanks for the victim shaming Mjs!

      What does skin color have to do with it?

      To clarify, I’ve known this person 4 years.

      To further clarify, my daughter and ex house guest are transgender.


      1. Hi,
        I know her as Ani Kaspar caused trouble for me and at least 2 other people here in town, woman from hell is actually a man? was wonder why all the men business shirt was all about?? She tried to pull same situation with me but got her out less than one week in my place.

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  2. Hi, now I can identify with the fact why you liked the Parasite review. Hope the ordeal has ended and nothing’s amiss anymore. Takes courage to do what you did and took a stand. Much appreciated and thanks for sharing!

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  3. Wow! I knew her for almost two decades… in 2017/18 she stayed at my home on the East End and ‘schnorred’ me for FOUR months. When I got laid off, it STILL took me another month to get her out. I physically had to take her stuff to another place where she rented a room. THEN she accused me of misogyny and made many an antisemitic slur – needless to say, I feel for you and commiserate.

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    1. That’s horrible Matt! I’m so sorry you had to deal with her too. It’s incredible how many people have come out of the woodwork, to say they were also victimized by her. Hugs to you!


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