The Squatter Broke Into My Home Last Night



UPDATE: With the help of a news crew, SHE’S GONE!

This woman won’t leave! My children and I are now prisoners in our own home!

Irvine police won’t remove her. She’s now damaging my apartment.

My restraining order was denied!

My family is now facing a 3 day eviction because she’s a violation of our lease.

You can see the full story here!

Sign the petition to help end squatters rights and get this criminal out of my home here!

#evictannmarielynch (Anna Roncati)


      1. If you go at it, might as well say that the electric chair is worst tan life in jail, homeless e.t.c. I´ll just go with the electric chair, you can actually put it there without the person knowing it

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      1. Seriously, this is crazy. I don’t see how this law makes sense. I mean, I actually do kind of get it in a broader sense, and I’ve heard about it before in cases where you’re talking about a couple who are living together for a significant amount of time, one shouldn’t just be able to unilaterally toss the other one out on the street one day, and they have nowhere to go. But I thought there were usually more rules to it, like the one person can show that they have been paying some utilities, even if they’re not on the lease, and they receive mail at that address. But for this law all it takes is you let them stay with you for THREE DAYS, and now they have a right to stay?!?

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  1. That’s the law in California!
    As a matter of fact I worked for a Property management Co. to act as an eviction manager, yes my duties, were to take over over managers of properties who got too many evictions on their hands, as you know now its not a pleasant job to try to get rid of unwanted people living in your property, actually there is families who live that way all over California, specially in Orange County, and Southern LA.
    They just go from place to place , and extract free living conditions, for unaware people, or at least they did, since you now go to rent an apartment, and they ask you for a credit report, and it shows if you are in debt, and shows also evictions, in which case you will not rent them period.
    But people use many other tricks, like send somebody with good credit to rent for you, next thing you know you got someone there living in the property, and one of the reasons I was hired for, my job was to keep an alert eye, to everybody who will stay at the place, and hand everyone, an eviction note, even to the guys with the good credit, to teach him a lesson.
    Another thing when I handled the eviction notice I would call the police to be a witness, and take the name of whoever else where there, and right there make an eviction notice in their name!
    I went to hundreds of eviction trials, never lost one, but let me tell you, its not a pleasant job, at all!, I worked and lived at the property until every single eviction was processed, and the place was clean, then they will send me to another property, I just got tired of it. 😦

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