Ann Marie on the J Francis Show!

There’s some Ann Marie gold right here! Watch out, or she might call the FBI on you too!

If you haven’t watch the CBS report yet, go here first for the back story!

Ann Marie is running a scam for cash on her facebook page using her dying dog! Don’t be fooled. I reached out to the rescue and they confirmed that they have never heard of her and have asked her to remove this posting.


  1. hi, I just came across this.. I am believed to be Ann Marie’s half sister if not full. I have been trying to find her for a while now. to see this ? is disturbing to me. I can see a broken women here mentally and emotionally. if your ok with talking to me about this m? I would really appreciate it. I’m not on social media so… only instagram which is truth323, please reach out to me there if you can. sorry about all this.. thanks so much

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