The ebook was released in the Kindle store today!!


When Asterisk’s young son, Franklin, comes out as transgender, she gains her mother’s full support. However, being Rosie has its drawbacks as friendships crumble and family members show disapproval. After classmates bully her, mother and daughter seek camaraderie through therapy and support groups but Rosie cannot find people she relates to.

Asterisk meets Vivian, a punk rock transgender woman, and thinks she has found the perfect mentor for her daughter. Things heat up quickly as Asterisk and Vivian establish a hilarious and awe-inspiring love affair. While sparks fly in the bedroom between adults, tensions flare in the household amongst Rosie and Vivian.

After Vivian establishes residency in Asterisk and Rosie’s shared apartment, her true intentions surface. Crude behavior, loud music and drug use become rampant along with Vivian’s obsession with thrill rides. As time progresses, Vivian’s behaviors worsen, exposing the scope of her psychological issues.

Asterisk’s conduct becomes erratic as she struggles to cope. Substance abuse is just the beginning of her woes. What will it take for Asterisk to hit rock bottom? Will she see that Vivian is really a wolf in women’s clothing?

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