A Wolf in Women’s Clothing

My only son comes out as transgender, so I do what any mother would—give her the love and support that she needs.

After Franklin transitions to Rosie, we quickly find out that the world isn’t as forgiving as we’d hoped. The kids at school bully her, random people hurl insults at me because I’m an “unfit parent” and even Rosie’s father blames me for her gender dysphoria. But I’m determined to help my daughter navigate this difficult time in her life, regardless of what it takes.

So when I meet Vivian, a vibrant transgender woman with a personality that’s larger than life, I think she’s the perfect role model for my Rosie. Sure she’s a bit rough around the edges, aren’t we all? At the end of the day, Rosie’s welfare is at the forefront of my mind and I believe having someone who has experienced exactly what she is going through is necessary.

Yet, things get complicated when my relationship with Vivian turns sexual. With the lines blurred, the woman I once thought was the silver lining in our lives becomes something else—a wolf in women’s clothing.

This is our story.

A Wolf In Women’s Clothing is a LGBTQ literary fiction book that follows the journey of Asterisk, her transgender daughter Rosie and the transgender woman who comes into their lives, Vivian. This book delves into the complexities of gender dysphoria, navigating life as the parent of a transgender child, and a tumultuous lesbian relationship. A Wolf In Women’s Clothing will have you laughing, crying and doing introspection. Pick up a copy today!

Paperback $15.99

Kindle $9.99



      1. It is more her story than mine. She is older than your daughter 25, Once she was attacked and people took pictures rather than helped. She over came so much, with encouragement of course but more or less by her self. But what happened to her also has had an affect on my current fiction project, about two abused sisters who try to burn down the patriarchy.

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  1. I guess some mothers the kids they have they will love them no matter what. I have nothing on transgenders, gays, whatever they want to be called. My parents generation…..that´s another story most of them that is.

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  2. Thank you so much for your visit to my profile and your likes.. that’s kind of you.. ☺️
    Would be happy to know your feedback, suggestions or comments as well.. Maybe I learn something..!!

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