CAUTION! Razor is scented (Video)

From the 3rd edition just released paperback. Available through Amazon.

The official Amazon sales link (buying from anyone else is a fraud!)


  1. At last, at last, i bought the book ~ all it’s gotta do is arrive in the mail. For years I’ve wanted to buy this book. Now it’s gonna be mine ~ all mine. Thank you, madam!

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    1. Yay!!! Thank you! The third edition proof just came in, and its still a mess 🤣🤣🤣 I used the same format as I did my newest book, so I don’t know what happened! I’ve decided the book is just cursed. I’m not gonna worry about another edition! 🙃 It’s perfect in all it’s fucked up glory.


  2. I bought it at amazon where a bunch of books by you were for sale ~ many kindle editions. I’m pretty sure only one paperback edition, a “new” one, was available of “It’s not my fault.” So I grabbed it. I went back there later & no more paperback editions seemed available. Just kindles. With tax and shipping, the paperback was about a 22 dollar investment ~ and some change.


    1. It was a fake. The new edition is on Amazon for 14.99. The comments here won’t let me post the link. You probably got one of unedited advanced readers editions I passed out before it wad published. If you can, try to return it. Give me 2 minutes and I’ll post the REAL sales link at the bottom of this post.


    2. I posted it, but you know what I just realized? Amazon has been outsourcing their printing due to covid so that could be why.



      1. Maybe there’ll be another one available tomorrow for somebody else. Oh, I haven’t got it yet. They’re probably boxing it up about right now. Please don’t stop them! Please! Let it come to me, let it come to me ~ “perfect in all it’s fucked up glory!”

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        1. I just took another peek at your Amazon platform and found the paperback for sale at the end of the sideways scroll at the top of the page ~ where as before I found the paperback at the bottom, where it doesn’t seem to be anymore. However, being at the end of the sideways scroll at the top of the page, it’s hidden unless you scroll past the other books. All’s well, I believe, just a little clunky. Please, be at peace, madam…

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