Beware of These Con Men Abusing Elderly women

This man, William Zepeda met my 87 year old grandmother who was twice widowed in a grief class.

My grandmother, being a kind and empathetic woman, was quickly love bombed by William. Instantly he acted like he was her soul mate and began spending everyday in her home.

After two weeks, he had manipulated her into allowing him to move into her house claiming he needed her to help him after a fall. Once he had moved in, he began isolating her from her family.

William used scare tactics against my grandmother, convincing her that her family was going to put her into a rest home to die, and take her two homes and money away from her.

One afternoon, he dragged my grandmother to the bank and had her open a joint checking account with his name on it. He had her place all of her money in the account under his name, claiming that, “together they would use the money to renovate her house.” The account contained hundreds of thousands of dollars. William also urged my grandmother to place her gold in a lock box under his name as well.

My grandmother was being coerced and becoming increasingly concerned. So when William aka Bill made an appointment with an attorney to switch the titles of both her houses to his name, my grandmother canceled the appointment. This set Bill into a rage and he made another attorney appointment without her consent.

On more than one occasion, Bill violently snatched my grandmother’s cell phone from her hands and sent horrible text messages to me and other members of our family.

His words were cruel and insulting, as he pretended to be my grandmother. He did this as a way to further isolate her from family. Luckily, we could tell that it was not in fact my grandmother’s writing.

Bill canceled plans with us that we had made with my grandmother. One family member sent social services over for help. After my grandmother received the phone call from a social worker, Bill told her that if they were to come out for a welfare check, she would be dreamed unfit to live alone, and would be forced into assisted living care and that her family would never visit her.

Bill was a controlling con man who did nothing but destroy my grandmother’s house, partially by urinating on her furniture and carpeting. He even wore adult diapers and refused to change them when soiled. He made regular messes in my grandmother’s kitchen, bathroom and destroyed her carpeting. All this done as a guise to “be helping her.” Due to the stress of Bill’s constant controlling and manipulative behavior, my grandmother’s health began to deteriorate.

It had come out that Bill had possibly dated a string of other elderly woman previous to his relationship with my grandmother, and quite possibly stole from them as well with the help of his son, Mason.

After several months of emotional and financial abuse, my family called on a neighbor for a welfare check. The neighbor stepped in and went to check on my grandmother. When my grandmother confessed to her what had been happening, she took my grandma to the bank to remove her money, but not after finding out Bill had stolen 5 gold Krugerrands and his son Mason had had them appraised.

Bill spent four months living off of my grandmother. Within that time he gave her an ultimatum, he told her that she had to make a choice, “You can either have your family or you can have me. Not both.”

Bill and Mason coerced my grandmother into signing over the title of one of her vehicles to Mason, which she was never offered payment for.

After the confirmation call from the neighbor, and after family members met with several elderly abuse attorneys, they paid a visit to my grandmother’s home to confront Bill. He called the police on them. Luckily, in this case, the police sided with my grandmother and Bill did in fact move out.

My grandmother is now an emotional wreck. She was conned out of money and many other belongings by this man and his son. Though she was fortunate enough to keep her houses and the majority of her finances.

Please share this story far and wide, so other women won’t be conned of their life savings and mental health from these predators!

His name is William (Bill) Zepeda. He currently lives in Cypress California, but also has lived in other California city’s such as Corona. His son is named Mason Zepeda and works as a barber in Cypress.

William Zepeda
Mason Zepeda


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