It's not my fault.

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About This Website

I started blogging in the Fall of 2012 after enduring a lifetime of trauma and neglect from those closest to me. Prior to that time, my world had spiraled into a web of vices, addictions, and self abuse. What began as a healing journey, hidden among the pages of a private blog, soon transformed itself into a way of repairing my inner wounds.
Once I decided to make my stories public, I realized I had attained not only an active audience, but a tremendous support group filled with people who had experienced the same type of horrendous situations I had. No longer was I alone. In fact, I was now a voice for those still stuck in the pattern of abuse.
Unfortunately, the depth of my novels have also exposed my weaknesses to predators. Because I present a no-holds-barred account of my past, individuals with personality disorders see me as the perfect target. Thus, my writing continues as I surpass each new experience and relationship in my life.
My characters express the ugly realities and revelations from each of us. I use my own pain as guided inspiration behind my tales and hope that those who seek truth can find it somewhere within these pages. My words should be greeted with caution, as I choose not to hold back on the grim details. This material is not for sensitive readers and should be taken with a grain of salt.
Of course, no healing could be complete without a twinge of humor. As most comedians do, I find that making fun of myself and others to be a monumental way of releasing built up frustrations and rage. Especially when the jokes are crass and below the belt.
Though I write about my personal experiences; time lines, names, descriptions and sometimes the endings of my stories have been changed in order to protect the privacy of those who have inspired me and, of course, prevent a lawsuit.
As I say in all my books; “This is not a memoir; It is a highly exaggerated piece of filth. Shame on you for reading!”

Wendi Bear



“It’s not my fault” started back in November of 2012. Originating as a spoof on a love story and emerging into an evolving piece of art. “It’s not my fault. Self Discovery & Admission” the book was first published in February 14, 2013 and is for sale at most major online retailers. She has a follow up novel, “It’s not my fault. Sacrifice and Survival.”

This site is NOT (and never has been) intended for sensitive readers. ALL material on this site is posted for a mature audience of 18+

All material, written and photographed on this site are copyrighted and subject to copyright laws.

Every post you read on this site is linked to another story in someway. If you liked what you read and are curious to find out more, all you have to do is follow the hidden links. Sometimes the clues are in the links. Other time you may find them in the comments.

Happy hunting!

Wendi Bear

180 thoughts on “About This Website

  1. “It was like angels were guiding me to write the bible, if the bible were a trash magazine.”
    I almost died 🙂
    Thanks for stopping in on my blog. Now I’m off to check out the rest of yours!

  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog for a laugh. Your stories are so outrageous! Come back any time to catch up with me.

  3. Hey, thank you infinity for, “Liking,” a few of my posts. I wanted to say a few things and since I’m a bit drunk, I’ll say them.

    First, you’re hot – unless that’s clip art you use, in which case, never mind.

    Second, I’m a top 500 author on Amazon in ebooks…well, in the Erotica category. More than half my reviews are from women, in summary, it seems like I write awesome sex stories 🙂

    Third…I’m a marketing, ah, well, I’ve sold 3 companies, started nine and worked for a few leading firms in their category to straighten them out. If and when you add it up, companies I helped were acquired for $1.5 billion…it’s not bragging if it’s real.

    So far, my life is stranger than fiction…you write well and I think you could sell tons, if / when you were willing to go there.

    I have one question for you and I apologize, because it’s a bit personal: if you could get everything you wanted out of life…would it be an OK trade to date a guy who’s only 5’7?


    1. Listen J,

      First off if you don’t know this already I pretty much have sex with everything, including midgets. So, 5′ 7″ is not an issue with me.

      Yes, ALL of those pictures are of me. If you can’t tell it’s the same person then you must really be drunk. Cheers to that!

      Next off, I did publish my book. Go buy it!

      Since you are so rich, you should probaby purchase like 60 copies of the ebook since I get 100% of the royalties on the digital copies.

      Lastly, what is it that I want? Only the same thing every humble little girl dreams of, MONEY and FAME! That’s right! I want it all! And I WILL get it!

  4. I just thought you’d hired a model or something – my bad entirely. Fame, in my humble opinion, is overrated. Money, however, is good – so long as you don’t go bat shit crazy. That was my mistake (hello my twenties, lol).

    Good reviews on the book – you should join Amazon Prime and also do some testing around the sale price…also, if you really want to maximize sales, try a few short stories (perhaps excerpts?) to get more, ah, exposure.

    And no, you only get 70% commission on Amazon 🙂 I’m an author too, lol.

    1. WHAT?!?!?!?!? 70%?!?!?!?! BOOK BABY has LIED to me!!! Mother fucker!

      I guess you will have to buy more to make up for it then.

      I am a model, in my head…also, famous.

      I have no idea what Amazon Prime is but looking now. My book is all short stories, I know that there are three you can read right now. What do you think about pricing? Do you have a good editor that you trust?

      You know what I say about the 20’s? “I had an acute case of depression I like to refer to as ‘my 20’s’.” LOL!!!We all do dumb shit.

  5. Thanks for liking some random post on my page… Checked out some of your stuff and I have to say, possibly the most interesting stuff I have read on the internet in a while!! I love your life! loll

  6. Don’t sound like real fun…no wonder you are getting a lot from doing it…thank you.

      1. Do they have an award for “gallows humour”, “warming death up until palatable”, or “suicide sounded good, until I realised you are worse?”

        Someone nominate me

  7. Oh my. Yes, you’d do quite nicely for the part of the wife. Thanks for the like. How about a video of you on the stand, speaking to the judge…

    Wife testifyiing: “The point is NOT that I’m a dirty little cum-guzzling slut, the point is that I am HIS dirty little cum-guzzling slut and I enjoy it more than you can possibly imagine. When he calls me Creampie, or Jugs, [Wife bounces her breasts suggestively to the judge] I know exactly what he’s thinking about and I like that too. It reminds me that he OWNS me and I CHOSE that. That might make you uncomfortable, but I’m the one who chose this.”

  8. Soooo this one time, there was an art teacher hired to come to our very very conservative international school, but he forgot to delete his link to pictures of a model who wore ribbons all over her nude body and a knife placed by various orifices. Would have sworn she was Asian, but maybe it was you????? Thanks for the follow. Will be back to check out your blog.

    1. Hahahahahaha! You are so funny! Although I have done nude photography with ribbons, I’ve never used weapons! Lololol! That’s really actually hilarious considering one of my photographers won’t let me credit him, AT ALL! Another only allows me to credit him after approval. I wonder if they have had such experiences?

  9. You have a little white powder on the side of your mouth……there….all good. Thanks for the look-see (did you really or….?) which introduced me to your zaniness as a result (well played)….maybe an Elvira kind of thing, except without the Halloween stuff. Scary….just not scary like THAT. But hilarious. And stuff. Yep. 🙂

  10. I didn’t realize until yesterday that “Electric Kiss” (your domain name) was some obscure Lady Gaga song. You do realize that Lady Gaga is an evil, sex-obsessed whore, right?

  11. Thanks for liking my blog. I love your blog and how you freely express yourself. I’m thinking about adding some crazy pics of me on my blog one of these days. Smile.

  12. Man, reading through the comments, you’re quite the little networker, huh? Anyways, thanks for stopping by my blog. Led me to yours, and yours is amusing. You’re about as vulgar as I am, which is refreshing. I’ll continue to dig back through the archives, and I’ll hope you do the same with mine. You know, the whole I’ll-show-you-mine-if-you-show-me-yours thing.

          1. cool, it is pretty bold for someone to post their face pic up when blogging, I have not been able to do it for a while now but am considering it

            I tried clicking on your email to contact you but it wouldn’t work, just needed to ask you something about looks which was a bit personal and was wondering if you could answer.

            My email is on my contact info

  13. Thanks, thanks soo thankful you dropped by my un-paid crazy blog to read some crazy post. I just read in one of your other post a comment by one guy who called you another slut or whore of the internet and you replied your a boring mother in real life. Either way what you are I don´t care. You are certainly hot and uninhibited, that´s for sure.Checked you out in youtube…and you can speak. By the way how many times do you change hair colour?
    It´s a funny blog that´s why I´m following, yes you do have the privilege of me following you.
    Stay Frosty beautiful.

    1. Aww! Thank you so much for your compliments and support Charly! Everything is really all about perception, isn’t it? Thanks for the follow, I’m enjoying your blog as well. Hair color changes often but the dark colors are mostly wigs!

      1. In the picture your colour is blond. So it´s yellow, funny thing…or not I was just going back and forth with another person in wordpress and she studies colours,she´s pulling my leg..or not, fun fact she mentioned colour yellow means warm. So in this picture your a warm person. Didn´t know that did you. Good to stumble upon your blog, seem your having a blast with the writing and all, I would wish you success but you already have it.
        Stay Frosty.

  14. Oh my god, your blog is hilarious! I’ve only been through three posts and I can’t stop. It’s not my type of humour, but I love it!

    And thanks for liking my post ^_^

  15. Hello,

    Thank you for liking my post! Your comically written intro made me want to read your book. I look forward to reading sneak peeks from your blog!

    All of the best,

  16. You are hyterical. And I’m fairly certain that if we would were in the same area we would be best-o-friends.

    I look forward to seeing what other antics we all get into

  17. Hi thanks for liking a post on my blog, I came over to check your blog out and was delighted to discover that there are more bloggers out there with a beautifully crazy sense of humour. I picked a random post to read and discovered that your Grandfather is the most important man in your life… I started to tear up a bit… because wow snap my Granda is too. You are a beautiful soul, keep up the gorgeous craziness. Many thanks, Mark

  18. I just came home from a boooooring meeting and quickly went to my compu and my blog. There you were, Electrikkiss, liking my post about some sad case of child abuse. Dutifully, shocked by your pen name, I came here to see who this looney may be. WHAT A FIRST PAGE! I JUST LUUUVED IT! Ohh, you took me out of this boring planet into your insane world! THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

    “good luck digesting this crap”???? I’m still laughing….

    I don’t ‘follow’ because of the insane amount of posts I get, but you i will follow to hell joyfully.


  19. 18+ is great, since less than that would probably get me in trouble. I couldn’t read all, cause at the moment I already had some productive hours of drinking. But what I saw I liked very much, so keep up the good work.

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