The way I see it, the world really is black and white.

There are two types of people on this planet. Those that feel empathy and those that don’t.

Call it by a name; narcissist, sociopath, psychopath, bipolar, even autistic. All disorders lacking empathy. Cluster “B” personalities.

•They can not love.

On the other end there is depression,  anxiety, stress… All disorders felt by those who have empathy and usually as a result of dealing with a non-empathetic person.

Those who lack empathy have a deep seeded hatred for themselves. They use up and destroy people that are good, kind and loving in a never-ending attempt to fill that void, their lack of soul.

I honestly believe that half of the world’s population feel empathy where as the other half do not. It isn’t limited to the human species either.

•I’ve witnessed it in animals.

The scariest part is, that even though half the world may feel empathy, a majority of them are not fighters who have chosen to open their eyes, but enablers. They either have no idea what the above personality disorders really are, or they are caught up believing the lies of an insect (non-empathetic human).

I’m currently watching some amazing people being manipulated into doing evil.

So many empaths do unintentional damage under the manipulation of an insect. Empaths are natural healers and therefore are mercilessly used.

My entire life prior to this year, I spent my time trying to help the wrong people.

•Giving to evil, even if you are unaware, is still an evil doing.

Wars should not be about religion, politics nor race. None of those things really matter. What does matter, is being human and helping one another.

Any person who spreads hate about someone different than them, you can almost automatically assume that person is an insect.

If you haven’t any idea what I mean, do some research on the above disorders.

For those of you that have opened your eyes, what’s your take on my point of view?

For me, seeing the world this way has made everything so clear.