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MicroBook One

Wendi Bear


 The Newest Adventures of Asterisk Five! Not available anywhere else!

ONLY $0.99!!!!!



Death & Denial

A Novelette

Wendi Bear

“After the disappearance of her husband, a financially struggling young mother finds true love despite all odds. But what happens when true love dies and she can’t let go? A nightmare of a twist inspired by a true story.”


Release Date: October 15, 2014

Kindle $0.99



“It’s not my fault”

Sacrifice & survival

Wendi Bear

“Ever had a bad day you couldn’t talk about because it was too embarrassing? This girl has had plenty, only she’s willing to tell you. Every. Last. Detail. From bedroom to bar, toilet to pool, and good times to bad, follow the exploits of America’s Dirty Girl as she careens through life hanging on by a thread.

Continue down memory lane with Asterisk Five as she stumbles, tumbles, laughs and cries through some of the most bizarre exploits you can imagine a young woman living through.

New torrid tales of Asterisk Five as she catapults through life, stopping only to dip into the darkest pools of humor and the dirtiest imaginings you never thought could happen. More of your favorite characters and some new ones, her inner circle is just as crazy as she is. You’ll need a crowbar to put this book down.”

Now accepting Pre-order for Amazon Kindle. Available September 24, 2014 AVAILABLE NOW!!!!

Kindle $4.99  FREE on Amazon Prime



“It’s my fault.”

Self Discovery & Admission

Wendi Bear

  Prepare to laugh out loud at this politically incorrect novel full of short stories that are just plain wrong. You will be shocked, humored, amused and aroused. A provocatively original must read. Based on the popular blog, “It’s not my fault.”
A fictional story of a young woman who makes all the wrong life choices, told in a “dumb blonde” first person narrative, finding humor in even the most disturbing of situations. Appealing to the audiences of Chelsea Handler and Tucker Max and inspired by the antics found in the infamous UK comedy series, Absolutely Fabulous.
A brutally honest account of obsession, sex and the abuse of alcohol. This book is not a memoir, it is a highly exaggerated piece of filth. Shame on you for reading it.

Available on epub, mobi for $2.99 and paperback for $12.99.


Amazon Paperback

*When purchasing your paperback through Amazon, make sure to buy through me Electrikkiss. No other seller has the rights to nor owns any NEW editions. You may also contact me directly and purchase through paypal. I include FREE shipping that route!

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