18 thoughts on “Asterisk’s Favorite Things (Oprah would hate these)!

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  2. A shirt that shows a lot of cleavage with the ironic message “I don’t do porn.” is the shirt of a teasing hypocrite. Make up your mind. Either be a good woman with respect for herself (and cover up), or just be a complete slut. The in-between is just annoying.

    We all know that a woman has breasts. They show through her shirt no matter what type of shirt she wears. That’s enough. There’s no need to see the explicit details of the folds of her flesh.


  3. Aren’t you a little short for a … There are so many things I could say about stormtroopers and inaccurate aim–unless you are talking about those bad-ass clone troopers–but the picture really speaks for itself and it is totally hot and awesome. 🙂

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